美语训练班 第041-050课

美语训练班  第041课

B: Sounds good! But first, let’s learn a word.

Learn A Word comparable

今天我们要学的词是comparable. Comparable is spelled c-o-m-p-a-r-a-b-l-e, comparable. Comparable 意思是可比较的,相当的。2月5号是美国一年一度的超级杯橄榄球赛。球场安全负责人说: The overall Super Bowl security effort is comparable to the protection that surrounds the President of the United States. 超级杯安全保卫措施能与对美国总统的保卫工作相提并论。美国政府调查显示,The average federal worker earns 2 percent more than a private sector worker in a comparable profession. 联邦雇员与可类比的私营企业员工比,平均薪资高出2%。 好的,今天我们学习的词是comparable, comparable, comparable.

A: 都说“人比人,气死人”,我有个朋友特有钱,买名牌包跟买菜似的,不象我,得下半天决心,还得等减价!唉,Our spending abilities are not comparable at all!

B: Don’t be upset. As long as you are happy with what you bought, your satisfaction is comparable to your friend’s.

A: 也对,有钱难买我高兴!

B:That’s the spirit!

A: 好了,咱们继续听节目,Words and Idioms.

Words and Idioms Cast in Stone

女:各位听众,现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 953讲。我是杨琳。

M:我是 Douglas Johnson.


M:Cast in Stone. Cast is spelled c-a-s-t, and stone; s-t-o-n-e. Cast in stone. Cast in stone.

女: Cast本身有铸造的意思,而stone则是石头。Cast in stone, 都铸造在石头里了,也就是最后决定,板上定钉的意思。虽然我在看关于去巴黎旅游的书,可是还没决定最后是不是去那里。My decision to go to Paris isn’t CAST IN STONE. 下面的例子里,这位家长遇到了什么难题? 我们来听听看:

M: “It seems like yesterday that my daughter was in kindergarten and now she’s graduating from 6th grade. Her class is having a graduation party on June 10th. While I really want to attend, I’ll be on a business trip. And I understand the date of the ceremony can’t be changed. It’s CAST IN STONE.”


女:如果家长不能出席,孩子一定会很失望!对了,你还记得上次我说我们家的路口应该安装停车路标的事吗?我本以为这已经是板上定钉的事情了,可是现在由于资金问题还得需要近一步考虑。The board needs to reconsider whether to install a stop sign or not due to budgetary concerns. So it’s not CAST IN STONE yet. 出于预算考虑,小区委员会需要重新审核是否要安装一个停车的路标,这件事还没有最后决定。好,让我们再来听听刚才那段话。

M: “It seems like yesterday that my daughter was in kindergarten and now she’s graduating from 6th grade. Her class is having a graduation party on June 10th. While I really want to attend, I’ll be on a business trip. And I understand the date of the ceremony can’t be changed. It’s CAST IN STONE.”


M: “There’s a lot of confusion about wine. Should you only drink white wine with chicken and fish and red wine with red meat? When it comes to deciding what goes together best, experts now say that there are no rules CAST IN STONE. You should let your taste guide you; serve whatever pleases you. ”


我每次去吃西餐,就经常不知道自己该点什么酒!听了这段话才知道,原来,There are no rules cast in stone on how to order wines. 点酒并没有什么固定的规则。大家注意,这里的cast也可以用其他动词代替,比如s-e-t, set;或是c-a-r-v-e-d, carved; set in stone, carved in stone, 都是同样的意思,板上定钉。好了,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: “There’s a lot of confusion about wine. Should you only drink white wine with chicken and fish and red wine with red meat? When it comes to deciding what goes together best, experts now say that there are no rules CAST IN STONE. You should let your taste guide you; serve whatever pleases you. ”

今天我们学习的习惯用语是Cast in Stone,意思是“最后的结论,板上定钉”。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是 Douglas Johnson。谢谢各位的收听。

A: Kat, 周末来我家吃饭怎么样?

B:I’d love to, but I can’t promise. I’m going to an outing with a bunch of friends and I don’t know exactly when I’m coming back.

A: That’s okay. 你回来给我打个电话,我家的party也许要开到很晚呢,the time isn’t cast in stone。

B:That’s great.


How to say it in American English:

Make eyes at somebody

JESSICA 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是Lulu要问的:抛媚眼。

JESSICA: Lulu,What’s up?

LL: 我要去赴约,有人请我吃饭!


LL: 那当然! 请客的是一对情侣,俩人是在我家的Party上认识的,所以我算他们的媒人,他们当然要请客啦! 当时,那女生一眼就看上那男生了,马上向他狂抛眉眼! 就是……呃……threw pretty looks at him…

JESSICA: Haha! 我明白了,She made eyes at him. To make eyes at someone means to flirt with someone。

LL: 哦, to make eyes at someone就是向某人抛媚眼。 你知道么,有些人喜欢乱放电。比如我认识一男生,He makes eyes at every young woman he knows! 他对认识的女生都乱抛媚眼!

JESSICA: Oh yeah? I bet he also uses lame pickup lines to those women.

LL: Pickup line我听说过,就是跟女孩儿搭讪时说的话,对不对?

JESSICA: Exactly! For example, the typical pickup line at the bar is “can I buy you a drink?”

LL: 还有那句老掉牙的:小姐,我们在哪儿见过吧?

JESSICA: Haha! Seems like you’ve been asked this question many times!

LL: 呵呵。别说我了,还是说我那俩个朋友吧,真是有缘人,在我家见了一次面,就好上了!

JESSICA: They really hit it off!

LL: Hit if off? 打什么了?

Jessica: No. To hit it off means to like each other very quickly.

LL: 哦! Hit it off 就是一见如故,才聊两句就觉得特对路! 我这两个朋友–They hit if off instantly! I won’t be surprised if the girl shows off her engagement ring to me tonight!

Jessica: Wow, good for her! Now tell me what you’ve learned today!

LL: 第一:To make eyes at someone 是冲某人抛媚眼;.

第二:pickup line 是和女孩儿搭讪时所说的话;

第三:to hit it off是一见如故。

A: 哈哈,眉来眼去,暗送秋波只是恋爱的第一步,接下来还有 a long way to go!

B: Yeah! A lot of relationships start off nicely, but never make to the “I do” moment.

A: 就算结了婚,也不是万事大吉,后面漫长的婚姻路,才是考验人呢。

B: This reminds me of the GoEnglish program we had last time. John and Carmen are newlyweds. I wonder how they’re adapting to married life.


GoEnglish: Wedding (advanced)


Professor: John got married to his wife Carmen a few months ago, and today he is meeting up with his friend Chuck to talk about his new married life.

John一定还沉浸在新婚的甜蜜中,肯定要向Chuck炫耀有老婆的幸福! 对吧,professor Bowman?

Professor: Uh ….. well, we will have to listen and find out.

Chuck: Man, John, I haven’t seen you in forever! I can’t even remember the last time we were able to get together.

John: Well, Chuck, you know I’m a married man now. Once you tie the knot, your weekends are spent doing housework and shopping for new kitchen appliances.

Chuck: That’s why you’ve been too busy to hang out? Wow. Well you need to find some time, because the football playoffs are coming up and I want to watch it on your big TV!

John: (Sigh) Sunday is the day I have to go over to Carmen’s parents’ house to have dinner, so I don’t think that’s going to fly.


Professor: That’s right. I can tell you that once you tie the knot, your life is never the same.

是啊,一旦tie the knot–结了婚, 人生就进入新阶段了嘛。对了,professor, Chuck想星期天去John家看橄榄球比赛,可John说,this isn’t going to fly,这是什么意思呢?

Professor: If you say something isn’t going to fly, that means it isn’t going to work or be successful. For example, I was really hoping to travel to Europe this summer. But I don’t have the money, so that plan isn’t going to fly.


Chuck: Well what else has been going on with you? Have you been following any of the same-sex marriage debate? I’m a big supporter.

John: Of course, I am too. I think every person should have the right to get married to whoever he loves, and then get nagged to death by that person for the rest of his life.

Chuck: Oh come on, John. It’s a beautiful thing when two people love each other, and want to enjoy the rights of marriage together. All people should be equal, regardless of their sexual orientation.

John: I couldn’t agree more! Gay men should have to endure married life just like the rest of us heterosexual men. It’s unfair that they don’t have to!

Chuck和John谈到same-sex marriage–同性婚姻,他们俩都支持同性恋有权结婚,可是,John的理由怎么听着这么别扭!

Professor: Yes, I find it very interesting! Why do Chuck and John support gay marriage?

Chuck认为人人平等,所以都应该享有结婚的权利,不论他们的sexual orientation–性取向,是什么。

Professor: Exactly. But why does John support it?

John也说到了人人平等,可他的意思是, heterosexual men–也就是像他这样的异性恋男人,要忍受婚姻生活的无奈,天天被老婆烦,所以,同性恋的人也该受同样的罪!

Professor: Right. What do you think about that, Winnie?


Professor: Of course not all men, Winnie. Just the married ones.

Chuck: Come on, John. I’m sure there are lots of great things about being married.

John: You’re right, I’m exaggerating. Marriage is a very special bond, and it’s really wonderful to have someone who I can always trust and rely on.

Chuck: Yeah, I guess you’re right. Now if I can only find a woman who likes to watch football on Sundays, I think my life would be complete.

John: I’ll ask Carmen if she has any friends who are cheerleaders.

你瞧,professor,男人并不是只会抱怨婚姻! John最后还是承认,结了婚,他就有了一个可以永远信赖和依靠的伴侣。

Professor: That’s exactly right. And what is Chuck’s view of the perfect woman?

Chuck说,如果他能找到一个和自己一样爱看橄榄球比赛的老婆,他的人生就美满啦! Professor, 你说一个beautiful cheerleader–啦啦队美少女,能看上Chuck么?

Professor: Well, love works in mysterious ways!

A: 看来John被老婆管得够呛,有点儿怀念单身的自由呢!

B: That’s right. But he also admitted the good side of getting married─that you’ll always have someone to trust and rely on.

A: 对!有个人可以让你全心地信赖和依靠,这感觉多好啊!尤其是在很多事儿都不靠谱儿的今天!

B: haha! Speaking of which, do you think consumers can always trust manufacturers?

A: 消费者能不能永远信赖生产商?我看不一定,不是经常有不合格的产品,伤害消费者利益么。

B: What if they recall the problematic products?

A:recall就是产品召回的意思。 公司把产品出问题的消息告诉大家,并且把这些商品下架,这也算是弥补得不错了。今天的Business Etiquette就讲这个问题,咱们来听一听!

礼节美语 A Product Recall I


Rick: The Board of Directors has come to a decision. Our company will take an image hit, and it’s going to be very expensive, but it seems we have no other choice but to start a recall. Samantha, would you care to explain a bit more.

Samantha: A year ago we began receiving reports that several of the air conditioner models we manufacture can sometimes overheat. In very rare circumstances this overheating might lead to electrical fires. So far there have been three fires that may be connected to our air conditioning units.

R: Unfortunately, one person was seriously injured. Therefore, even though there is no definitive proof linking our ACs to these fires, we decided to take action immediately.

Samantha 介绍说,公司生产的几款空调发生过overheat–机身温度过热的现象,可能起火,到目前为止,至少有三起火灾怀疑跟他们公司生产的空调有关,还有一人受重伤。执行总裁Rick说,虽然没有definitive proof,确凿证据, 但公司董事会还是决定立即采取行动,start a recall. 召回相关型号的空调。recall is spelled r-e-c-a-l-l, recall 是召回有问题产品的意思。这样做不仅会有不小的经济损失,而且还要 take an image hit. 公司形象也会受到打击。Hank 问:

Hank: How many units are we talking about here? And what is this going to cost us?

R: We will be recalling over 15,000 air-conditioners. The company will refit them with new thermal sensors and stronger wiring.

S: As far as costs go, we estimate the company will lose well over $6 million dollars.

H: Six million??! But we’re not even sure we’re responsible. Is a recall really the best way to go?

R: I believe that from both a business perspective and a moral perspective, a recall is necessary.

S: I think Rick is right. If there’s even a chance that our products could cause injuries we have a responsibility to step in.

公司估计要召回一万五千台空调,召回的产品改用更耐热的电线,还要安装 thermal sensors 热感应器,经济损失将超过六百万美元。公司执行总裁Rick和主管Samantha都觉得,不论是从商业角度还是从道义角度出发,只要公司产品可能跟火灾的发生有一点关联,他们也有义务step in–站出来。

R: Even if we look at it purely from a financial standpoint, six million dollars spent fixing any possible errors is definitely cheaper that being defendants in a lawsuit where somebody was seriously injured or killed.

H: So what’s the procedure?

S: Next Monday we will issue a press release explaining that—even though there are no definitive links between our products and fires–we want to be good corporate citizens and have therefore decided to err on the side of caution.

Rick 补充说,即使单纯从经济角度出发,花六百万美元修补产品的缺陷也比被人告上法庭的花销小。产品召回的第一步是,下星期一公司先发一份news release新闻简报,说明公司立场,虽然没有确凿证据证明火灾和公司产品有关,但公司还是决定召回产品,to err on the side of caution,是“慎重起见,保险起见”的意思。新闻简报以后还有哪些措施呢?我们下次继续谈。

B: This company is really taking consumers’ interests seriously. I wonder how many companies like this one are out there.

A: 可不是么。在确定自己产品有问题之前就召回商品,这的确是负责的态度,这么大的经济损失,真是没几家公司愿意承受。

B: Anyways, this company has to deal with a crisis, and it takes good public relation skills to weather the storm.

A:在公司面临困难时,需要杰出的公关团队来化解危机。不过,要是咱们在野外遇到真正的storm, 恐怕只能自救了。

B: There are still some safety precautions you can take to deal with emergencies or accidents in the wilds. Let’s listen to American Sports English and find out.

Sports English Cross Country Skiing

P: Here we are out in the great Alaskan wilds, ready to go cross-country skiing!

Y: This is so great, Patrick! 阿拉斯加的风景好美,最适合练习越野滑雪! I’m really glad you could join us, too, Lara .

L: Thanks for asking me to come along, Patrick and Yang Chen. Going cross country skiing in Alaska is really an amazing opportunity.

P: Well, 我们今天一天都在野外滑雪, we should really go over our safety precautions。

Y: That’s right, 要做好安全措施

P: It is really important to be safe when you are planning to ski in the wilderness for several hours. First, did you guys let someone know that you were going skiing and where you would be?

Y Yep, sure did. I told my mom.

L: Uh-huh. I told my all my friends.

P: Okay, good. That is important in case we get lost. Did you also check your equipment to make sure it was in good shape and working properly?

Y Get lost? 我们会迷路? 那会不会碰上野兽啊?

P: Don’t worry. Yang Chen. Bye the way, did you check your poles and skis .

Y: Yes I did. 我的滑雪杖和滑雪板. They are in good shape.

L: And I checked my boots and bindings, too.

P: Great work, team! Does someone in the group have a map?

Y: Oh, that’s me. I have the map!

P: Maybe I should hold on to the map while we’re skiing, Yang Chen.

Y:Patrick! 为什么我不能拿地图?You don’t trust me?

P: Well, I do. 但是你经常丢东西,忘了你上次我们看棒球你没有带门票。We should also all have the following in our backpacks: Extra food and drink.

Y/L: Check!.

Y: Extra clothing in case we get wet.

P/L: Check!

Y: A first aid kit.

P/L: Check!

P: And we should be skating in a group of at least three people. That way if one of us gets hurt, one person can stay with the injured person and the other can go get help.

Y: That’s why we invited Lara.

L: Gee thanks, guys.

P: Well, I guess we are ready to go then! Let’s go cross country skiing.

A: 去野外滑雪还要先通知亲朋好友,以防自己遇难别人都找不到你!这让我想起一部电影,讲的是一个人去大峡谷探险,谁都没告诉,结果胳膊被卡在峭壁之间,最后只能生把自己的手切下来逃生。

B: Yeah! I remember that movie! It was a bit hard to watch, I don’t do well when I see blood.

A: 我也是!所以说啊,独行侠不是那么好当的。最好还是能结伴出去,好有个照应。好了, 这次节目时间到了。这次的撰稿人是小北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次再见!

B:See you !

美语训练班  第042课

A: 大家好! 欢迎来到美语训练班, 我是杨琳!

B:我是Kat, 杨琳,今天咱们学什么呀?

A: 今天,咱们要去快餐店大吃一顿,要谈谈危机公关,还要告诉大家用美语怎么说“异地恋”和“左右为难”。

B: Sounds good! But first, let’s learn a word.

Learn A Word innovation

今天我们要学的词是 innovation. Innovation is spelled i-n-n-o-v-a-t-i-o-n, innovation. Innovation 意思是创新,改革。由于其主要顾客群在亚洲,诺基亚公司将把生产线完全转移到亚洲。诺基亚市场部主管说,”By working more closely with our suppliers, we believe that we will be able to introduce innovations into the market more quickly and ultimately be more competitive. ” 我们认为,与供货商更密切的合作能使我们更快地将创新理念带入市场,并最终更具竞争力。美国总统奥巴马强调,It’s very important to bring the spirit of innovation back to the United States. 将创新精神重新带回美国是十分重要的。好的,今天我们学习的词是innovation, innovation, innovation.

A: Kat, 我问你个问题,现在热卖的苹果电子产品,iPhone, iPad, iMac,这些名字的前面都有一个字母i,它代表什么呢?

B: Hmm, that’s a good question. I guess it means Internet? Or… “intelligent”?

A: Internet–网络,Intelligent–智能,听着都有可能。我想,是不是还可能是 individua–个人,或者是我们刚学的这个Innovatio–创新呢?

B:Quite possible! These are all good words. They give the products a cool, hip image.

A: 没错,干脆咱们这个节目名字也改改吧,前面加个字母i, 变成,i美语训练班,多时髦!

B: 照搬别人的做法?Nay, that’s not original at all!

A: 也对,咱不能盲目跟风。哎,我有一个好主意,咱们不用i, I不是“我”的意思么,咱们用U,U就是“你”,这下可不是跟风了吧?

B: 啊?Then our show’s name will be u美语训练班?


B: Let’s listen to Words and Idioms.

Words and Idioms Caught in the middle

现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 954讲。我是杨琳。

M:我是 Douglas Johnson.


M:Caught in the middle. Caught is spelled c-a-u-g-h-t, and middle; m-i-d-d-l-e. Caught-in-the-middle. Caught in the middle.

女: Caught是catch的被动式,被抓住的意思;而middle, 中间。Caught in the middle, 被夹在中间,就是左右为难的意思。我朋友现在就处于左右为难的境地,She is caught in the middle regarding whether to buy her daughter a smartphone. 对于要不要给她女儿买智能手机这个问题,我朋友左右为难。不过她的处境跟下面的例子里的人比起来不足一提?他有什么困扰呢? 我们来听听看:

M: “Ever since my mother came to live with us, life has been difficult. She and my wife don’t get along. If one wants one thing, the other is complaining about it. It’s a constant battle. And I don’t like being CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE. They should settle their differences without expecting me to get involved.”


女: 这可真够为难的。婆媳关系一般都很难处理,而丈夫夹在中间,向着哪边都不好。The husband gets caught in the middle whenever there’s a conflict between his mom and his wife. 一旦他的妈妈和妻子起了冲突,作为丈夫他真是左右为难。好了,为难归为难,让我们再来听听刚才那段话吧!

M: “Ever since my mother came to live with us, life has been difficult. She and my wife don’t get along. If one wants one thing, the other is complaining about it. It’s a constant battle. And I don’t like being CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE. They should settle their differences without expecting me to get involved.”

女:工作中有个好老板是福气。如果你的老板待人和气而又鼓励创新 ,你工作起来一定会干劲十足。可是下面这个例子里的人就不那么幸运了,他碰到了什么样的问题呢?我们来听听看:

M: “My boss isn’t making my job very easy. He assumes that I’ll always be supportive of his decisions. The problem is that I think some of his ideas aren’t good for the company. As a result, I find myself torn between wanting to be loyal and wanting to be honest. How can I overcome feeling CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE? ”


女: 我也有过类似的经历!原来大学的时候我曾经去做过家教,可是那个家里的爸爸说一套,而妈妈又有另一套,弄的我不知道怎么办才好。The parents of the kid I’m tutoring have opposite views of what I should teach. I’m totally caught in the middle. 好了,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: “My boss isn’t making my job very easy. He assumes that I’ll always be supportive of his decisions. The problem is that I think some of his ideas aren’t good for the company. As a result, I find myself torn between wanting to be loyal and wanting to be honest. How can I overcome feeling CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE? ”

女:各位听众,今天我们学习的习惯用语是Caught in the Middle,意思是“夹在中间,左右为难”。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是 Douglas Johnson。谢谢各位的收听。

A: 最近我就碰上了件左右为难的事儿,我认识一对情侣,俩人都是我的好朋友,But their relationship hit a rough patch, and they both complain to me about the other person. I’m caught in the middle and don’t know what to do!

B:You don’t have to do anything! Just be a good listener to both of them and let they sort out their own problems.

A: 我也这么想,这情侣之间的事儿,外人还是少给意见的好!

B:Speaking of relationships, 咱们今天不是要教“异地恋”么?

A:没错。Let’s listen!

How to say it in American English: long-distance relationship

JESSICA 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是吴琼要问的:异地恋。

JESSICA: 吴琼,what’s your plan for the weekend?

WQ: I’ll be out of town! 我得坐4个小时飞机去看我男朋友!

JESSICA: Boy! That’s a long flight! 你真是个好女朋友。

WQ: 没办法啦。异地恋就是这么辛苦。Jessica, 异地恋用美语要怎么说呢?

JESSICA: That’s long-distance relationship. So, how long have you guys been long-distance?

WQ: We’ve been dating for a couple of years now. 不过,他最近因为工作被调去外地两年,我们刚刚开始异地恋。I miss him so much, and I don’t know if we can survive the long-distance!

JESSICA: Don’t be sad, 吴琼! I know dating over long-distance can be hard, but you got to have faith in the relationship! Hmm, tell me, what do you like about your boyfriend?

WQ: 他啊,最大的优点就是真诚,不做作。

JESSICA: So he’s a blue-collar kind of guy!

WQ: blue collar? 那不是蓝领工人么?

JESSICA: Yes. But if you say a man is a “blue collar kind of guy”, it doesn’t necessarily refer to his job. Rather, it’s about his down-to-earth, unpretending character.

WQ: I see. My boyfriend is a blue-collar kind of guy. 我就喜欢他这纯朴劲儿。

JESSICA: So what does he like about you?

WQ: 哈哈,他也喜欢我清纯,亲切,不做作。那我就是blue-collar kind of girl了?怎么听着这么别扭。

Jessica: Hmm, you can use the phrase “the girl next door”.

WQ: The girl next door? 哦,就是邻家女孩! 没错,My boyfriend says I’m nice and attractive, just like a girl next door! 不过,这次去找他,I don’t want to be the girl next door anymore! 我要打扮得艳丽一些,给他个惊喜!

Jessica: I hope he likes it! Now tell me what you’ve learned today!

WQ: 第一:异地恋是long-distance relationship;.

第二:形容男人质朴老实,可以用blue-collar kind of guy;

第三:亲切可爱的邻家女孩是the girl next door.

B: Keeping up a long-distance relationship is hard!

A: 可不是么,异地恋成功率可不高!除非俩人真的特合适。

B: Yeah, and also, the couple needs to have an agreed-upon goal or a reason for having a long-distance relationship. They should know that they’re not going to stay like that forever. For example, the goal could be career advancement or a better life in the long run.

A: Yeah! They need to have something to look forward to! 而且俩人目标得一致,不是有句话么,Love is not just about looking at each other; it’s looking in the same direction.

B: 说得好! Now let’s switch gears and talk about food.


GoEnglish Food: Beginner


MC: Doug and Liz 正开车去超市买菜,可Doug忽然觉得饿了,想顺道先去快餐店买个汉堡吃。

Professor: Winnie, do you ever get hungry when you go shopping?


Doug: Hey Liz, I’m really hungry. Let’s stop and eat something.

Liz: Alright, where do you want to eat?

Doug: There is a McDonalds nearby.

Liz: Fast food is so unhealthy. But if you are really hungry, we can go through the drive-through.

Doug: No, let’s go inside. I don’t want to spill my drink in the car.

Professor: So Winnie, did you hear where Doug wants to eat?


Professor: Exactly! Why doesn’t Doug want to use the drive-through?


Professor: That’s true. I guess there are two ways eating fast food can kill you.

MC: 说得对! 吃太多快餐垃圾食品会把身体搞垮,如果边开车边吃还可能让你出车祸!

Cashier: Welcome to McDonalds! May I take your order?

Doug: Yes, I’d like two hamburgers, a large Coke and a large fries.

Cashier: Do you want anything, mam?

Liz: No thanks, I’m on a diet.

Cashier: For here or to go?

Doug: For here.

Cashier: Alright, that will be 11 dollars and 50 cents.

Liz 说,she is on a diet, 正在节食,所以不吃这些高热量的快餐。Doug 真应该向 Liz 学学。

Professor: Yes, fast food has a lot of fat in it. But Winnie, does Doug want the food “for here” or “to go”?

Doug 说for here, 也就是在餐厅里吃。如果说 “to go”,就是打包带走的意思。

Professor: Yes. When you take food home from a restaurant, you can also say the food is for “take out.” Now Doug and Liz are eating their food. Let’s listen.

Doug: Do you want to eat my tomato? I don’t like them. The only topping I like is ketchup.

Liz: Sure, I love tomatoes. They’re a healthy food.

Doug: That’s true. Are you sure you don’t want anything?

Liz: Well I know the French fries are very unhealthy, but they look so good.

Doug: Come on Liz, try one. It won’t kill you.

Liz: Well alright, I’ll have just one.

Doug: Great! I’m going to get a refill of soda.

看来, Liz 的决心动摇了。虽然她一直在说快餐多没营养,可是一看到Doug的薯条,也忍不住要吃上一根。

Professor: That’s right. And did you hear what topping Doug likes, and which one he doesn’t like?

Doug 说, 在汉堡的所有佐料中,他只喜欢ketchup–番茄酱, 还说他不爱吃番茄。真奇怪,番茄酱不就是番茄做的嘛?

Professor: That’s right. What does Doug say he is going to do at the end?

他说他要去refill他的饮料. Professor, refill, r-e-f-i-l-l, refill 就是续杯的意思吧?

Professor: Correct. When you go to a restaurant, you can ask the waiter, “Do you have free refills?”


Professor: Now let’s see what Doug says when he returns to the table.

Doug: Liz, where are all my fries? Did you eat them all?

Liz: I’m sorry, Doug. They were just so good! Once I started eating them, I couldn’t stop.

Doug: Don’t worry Liz. If I’m going to get really fat, you should get really fat too! We will look really cute together.

Liz: Wow, that is a really scary thought. I need to exercise right now!

啊? Liz 趁Doug不在,居然把他的薯条都吃了!不过,她显然不想和Doug一起变成胖子,所以说要马上去健身。不过首先,希望他们在超市能买些健康食品!

Professor: Well listen next time to find out!

A: 看看!Liz 没坚持住!炸薯条这东西,吃一根就很难停下来的。

B: The craving for fast food is your worst enemy if you’re on a diet. Your friends should be supportive, instead of waving a bag of fries in front of your face!

A: 没错,减肥需要周围人的支持,可不能老拿炸薯条来考验咱们的意志力!好了,咱们继续听节目吧。在今天的礼节美语中,We’ll continue to talk about product recall.

礼节美语 A Product Recall II


R: We will then specify the year and model of the ACs included in the recall and set up a web site for our vendors and customers.

H: We should probably set up a toll-free line as well.

R: Yes, that’s a good idea, Hank.

S: The company will have to pay for advertisements in major newspapers that explain the recall.

H: Maybe I can speak to some of the members of the press I know and see if they’re interested in doing a news story on this. I’m hoping to spin it in our favor by highlighting the fact that this is a precautionary measure.

新闻简报里要说明召回产品的出厂年份和型号,还要专门开设一个网站,方便销售商家和顾客咨询联系。Hank建议再开通一条 toll-free line 免费拨打的电话,他还主动提出,联系一些跟自己关系比较好的媒体,看看有没有人愿意发一篇报道,强调公司这次的产品召回是 a precautionary measure 预防性措施,从而 spin it in our favor. 让这件事朝对我们有利的方向发展。

S: You know, a lot of big companies have been forced to recall products, and as long as they are honest about what happened and proactive in trying to make it better, most people are pretty forgiving of mistakes.

R: Yes. I think people understand that no company is perfect. The main thing we have to avoid is giving the impression of any kind of cover-up.

H: That’s right. If people believe we are being completely truthful we should be able to weather this storm.

很多大公司都曾遇到过被迫召回产品的事,只要公司对公众诚恳,并尽可能提前采取措施解决问题,一般都会得到公众的理解和原谅。Rick说,关键是不能让人觉得公司是在cover-up,掩盖些什么。Hank表示认同,只要公众觉得公司说的都是实话,we should be able to weather this storm. 我们就应该能渡过这次难关。to weather the storm 是渡过难关的意思。

R: I’m also going to order an inquiry into whether any safety measures were not heeded, or if anybody at our factory was trying to cut corners.

S: We will make the results of the inquiry public as well. We want to be as transparent and open as possible.

R: I want you to talk to all of your department heads and managers and explain our policy. If they know of any other mistakes or safety issues I want to hear about them. Heads will roll if I discover that anyone isn’t following our strict quality standards.

H&S: Yes, sir.

Rick 还说,他准备就安全措施的执行情况展开调查,还要看工厂里有没有人偷工减料,to cut corners. Samantha补充道,调查结果最后也要对外公布,尽可能让整个程序做到公开透明。Rick 最后要Samantha和Hank回去把公司的决定传达给手下的部门主管和经理,发现问题要即时汇报,如果有人不严格执行公司的质量标准,heads will roll 意思是这样的人一定会受到严厉的处罚。

A: Wow, heads will roll, 这个说法真是霸气外露啊!这就是“掉脑袋”,吃不了兜着走!

B: Yeah. It means someone will be in big trouble.

A:好了,咱们不说head了,改说Heel, 脚腕子。

B:Why heel?


American Sports English Achilles Heel/Tendon

Y: Hey, Patrick,what’s wrong? 你怎么一瘸一拐的?

P: Why am I limping? I’m limping because my Achilles tendon is killing me! OW!

Y: Ohhhh

P: Uh, Yang Chen, do you know what an Achilles tendon is?

Y: Well, not really, Patrick.

P: Achilles A-C-H-I-L-L-E-S, tendon T-E-N-D-O-N It is a tendon (腱) in the lower back part of your leg.

Y: Oh, 原来你和刘翔一样,得了腱炎?

P: Yeah, that’s right. Just like Liu Xiang. He had a problem with his Achilles tendon, too.

Y: Poor Patrick, 那你就得退出今天的比赛了。

P: Yeah. I’ll have to withdraw from the competition.

Y: 那你是怎么弄伤了你的Achilles tendon?

P: Well, I pulled it running in a marathon.

Y: Aw, that’s too bad.

P: Thanks for the sympathy, Yang Chen.

Y: Hey, I have another question for you, Patrick. 跟腱为什么叫 “Achilles tendon” 呢?

P: Boy, you have a lot of questions today. Achilles was an ancient Greek hero

Y: Oh, 我知道了, Achilles 阿基里斯是希腊神话里的勇士。

P: Yeah, He was dunked in a sacred river by his mother, who held him by his ankle. And he became invulnerable everywhere the water touched him, except his heel.

Y: Oh, 因为他妈妈抓着他的脚后跟,没沾到神水,就成了他的致命弱点。

P: 对。So when someone has a fatal flaw it is referred to as their “Achilles heel”. Because Achilles was killed when an arrow struck him in his heel-his only vulnerable spot.

Y: So what’s your “Achilles heel,” Patrick?

P: Oh, I may have a problem with my Achilles tendon, but I don’t have an Achilles heel. I’m perfect!

Y: Hmmm, I think a lack of modesty might just be your Achilles heel, Patrick.

P: Whatever!

A: Achilles’ heel,致命弱点,这个我们在以前的节目中好像教过了,不过大家不要把 Achilles’ heel 和 Achilles tendon 混了,Achilles tendon 指的是跟腱,也就是脚后跟与小腿之间的肌腱。

B: Yeha. If you say “being too nice is my Achilles tendon, people will not understand what you’re talking about.

A: 哈哈!没错,在刚才那句话中,应该用 Achilles’ heel, 意思就是,为人过于善良是我的致命弱点。好了, 这次节目时间到了。这次的撰稿人是小北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次再见!

B:See you !

美语训练班  第043课

A: 大家好! 我是王怡茹欢迎来到…

B:欢迎来到美语训练班!我是Kat, 我来介绍一下节目内容。今天…

A: Kat! Why did you steal my line? 你怎么抢我台词啊?

B: Oops!被你发现了。

A: 行吧,你要是愿意,就来介绍今天的节目吧!

B:好! 今天,咱们要去健身, 买些有机食品,要去赌场试试手气,还要告诉大家用美语怎么说“崩溃”。

A: 行啊 Kat, 介绍得不错!

B: Thanks!

A: 不过在节目一开始,咱们先来学个词儿!

Learn A Word #1445 powerhouse

学个词 for 02/19/2012


今天我们要学的词是powerhouse. Powerhouse is spelled p-o-w-e-r-h-o-u-s-e, powerhouse. Powerhouse 强大的集团或组织。本周中国国家副主席习近平访美。奥巴马提出了两国间贸易不平衡的问题 。Obama said that with China’s rise as an economic powerhouse came a responsibility to ensure balanced trade flows. 奥巴马说,随着中国崛起为经济强国,中国有责任确保贸易流的平衡。Illinois remained an agriculture powerhouse in 2011. 2011年,伊利诺依州保持农业大州的地位。哈佛大学毕业生林书豪在NBA掀起了一场旋风。不过,Harvard is not a basketball powerhouse. 哈佛大学并不是篮球球星的高产地。好的,今天我们学习的词是powerhouse, powerhouse, powerhouse.

B: See Yiru, you can’t blame me for stealing your lines. I’m just a radio powerhouse! I can’t control myself when it comes to being an amazing host! Why are you so upset?

A: 我就是不喜欢老被人打断。 I have a friend who never lets me finish a sentence- she’s always talking right over me.

B: Ah, I understand. I could see how you would have a bit of a chip on your shoulder from always having someone cut you off.

A: Chip on my shoulder? chip 不是指什么东西碎了,破了么?Kat, 她只不过是打断我的话而已,她可没把我打坏呀!

B: Hahaha, that’s not the kind of “chip” we’re talking about here. You’ll understand once you listen to this episode of Words and Idioms!

Words and Idioms Chip on one’s shoulder

现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 956讲。我是杨琳。

M:我是 Douglas Johnson.

女: 今天晚上我们准备去姐姐家吃饭,可是我一点也不想去。原因是这样,一个月前,我男朋友想要重新粉刷房子。虽然我侄子很想赚这个钱,但我男朋友还是找了个更有经验的粉刷工。闹得我侄子到现在都耿耿于怀。现在每次我们看到他都很尴尬。让我想到一句习惯用语,那就是:

M:Chip on one’s shoulder. Chip is spelled c-h-i-p, and shoulder; s-h-o-u-l-d-e-r. Chip-on-one’s shoulder.

女: Chip是木块的意思,而chip on one’s shoulder,就是心里有根刺,怀恨在心的意思。上面我提到,因为我男朋友没有把粉刷工作交给我的侄子,他一直心里有根刺。他一直在生我们的气,这也就是为什么我不想去姐姐家吃晚饭的原因。下面这个例子里,我们来看看这名年轻学生遇到了什么困难。

M: “When I first went to private school, I had a hard time. I wasn’t used to being around kids who came from wealthy families. And that upset me. Years later, my classmates told me how I always had a CHIP ON MY SHOULDER. That’s because I felt they treated me badly because I wasn’t rich.”

[这段话是说: 我最开始到私人学校上学的时候,特别不适应。我不习惯跟那些富裕家庭的孩子在一起。很多年之后,我的同学告诉我,他们总觉得我非常冷漠,心里有根刺似的。这可能是因为我觉得自己不够富有,所以老觉得其他人对我不友善。]

女:这也能够理解,如果总觉得自己不如别人,很容易就会变得性格古怪。一般来说在比赛中,输掉的一方都会have a chip on its shoulder. 可是今年的女子世界杯,美国女足给大家树立了一个好榜样。In interviews after the game, the American team showed how to be graceful in defeat. Team members didn’t seem to have a CHIP ON THEIR SHOULDERS. 在赛后接受采访时,美国队显示了如何从容地面对失利。她们一点也没有怀恨在心。好了,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: “When I first went to private school, I had a hard time. I wasn’t used to being around kids who came from wealthy families. And that upset me. Years later, my classmates told me how I always had a CHIP ON MY SHOULDER. That’s because I felt they treated me badly because I wasn’t rich.”

女:大家都希望有个好的工作环境,这对每个人也确实非常重要。但是同事之间难免存在竞争,就像下面这个人 ,他在竞争中胜出了,可是还有什么可为难的呢? 我们来听听他对同事讲的一番话:

M: “We’ve both wanted to move up in the company. So I’m sorry that the boss promoted me and not you. Every time I try to talk to you, you’ve got a CHIP ON YOUR SHOULDER. But if you want to be mad at someone, it should be with her. She made the decision.”

[这段话是说: 我知道咱俩都想升职。所以对于老板没有给你升职我感到很遗憾。但是每次我跟你说话的时候,你都好像对我怀恨在心似的。如果你要生谁的气,应该也是老板的气。因为是她做的决定。]

同事间相互竞争向来是个难以处理的问题。升职了当然高兴,可是也难免遭到其他人的嫉妒。上面的例子中,My co-worker always has a chip on his shoulder because the boss didn’t give him a promotion. 我的同事因为老板没给他升职而怀恨在心。好的,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: “We’ve both wanted to move up in the company. So I’m sorry that the boss promoted me and not you. Every time I try to talk to you, you’ve got a CHIP ON YOUR SHOULDER. But if you want to be mad at someone, it should be with her. She made the decision.”

今天我们学习的习惯用语是CHIP ON ONE’S SHOULDER,意思是“心里有刺,怀恨 在心”。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是 Douglas Johnson。谢谢各位的收听。

A: 我有个朋友,就只因为有一次我没去她的生日party, 她到现在都不理我! She always has a chip on her shoulder just because of such a little thing!


A: 当然了! 我又写邮件,又发短信,又打电话,可她就是不理我。我也听别的朋友说,她经常有一点小事就大惊小怪的。

B: Yeah. Some people are like that. They tend to freak out over little things- they’re so high-maintenance! You can’t do a single thing wrong when you are around them.

A: Totally! 说起 freak out, 正好今天咱们的美语怎么说就要提到这个词儿!

Freak Out

Jessia 在北京学中文,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是怡茹要问的:崩溃。

Jessica:Morning 怡茹! Oh..you don’t look so well, are you sick?

YR: 生病倒没有,就是精神快崩溃了。老板让我做调研,一共需要1000多个样品数据! 我已经做了两个星期,头昏脑胀,可还是没做完! I am going crazy!

Jessica: Don’t freak out yet. 怡茹,咱们一块想想办法!

YR: Wait a second…你说,freak out?

Jessica: Freak is spelled f-r-e-a-k, freak; freak out 就是崩溃的意思。

YR: OMG! That’s totally me! I’m freaking out! 你说想办法,我已经上网找,问朋友,去图书馆查,都没有现成的数据,完全要自己一点一点搜集! 我觉得我已经走投无路了….

Jessica: Yeah… seems like you are at the end of your rope. This phrase basically means you are out of options. I’m so sorry 怡茹!

YR: At the end of my rope? 真形象。绳子到头了,没有别的办法。I’m SO at the end of my rope! Jessica,你说要是我无法按时完成任务,那可怎么办呀! 老板都催我两次了,我现在感觉如履薄冰。

Jessica: Yeah, being on thin ice is definitely not the best feeling in the world.

YR: On thin ice 就是中文里说的如履薄冰吧?太形象了。

Jessica: You know what? I’m not worried about you. I think you can definitely finish the assignment on time!

YR: 真的吗?好,那我加油,一定按时完成,做得漂漂亮亮的!

Jessica: That’s the spirit!

YR: 我去了! Bye Jessica!

Jessica: Wait 怡茹! Before you go, tell me what you’ve learned today!

YR: 第一,崩溃可以用 to freak out;

第二,走投无路,无技可施是 at the end of someone’s rope;

第三,如履薄冰是 on thin ice.

B: 我知道那种感觉。 Sometimes it just feels like nothing ever goes right and everything that could go wrong DOES go wrong! But other times, I feel like people purposefully find things to be upset about.

A: 阿? 故意找麻烦? 你说的是不是那种一点小事就大惊小怪的人?

B: Exactly. My sister is always freaking out about little things that I think shouldn’t matter. For example, she hates when I buy non-organic detergent!

A: 洗洁精还有有机的吗? 我以为这些都是化学品呢!

B: Well, actually here in America, we have all sorts of organic products. 下面的美语三级跳讲的就是这个!

A: Let’s listen and find out!

Food: Intermediate


Professor: Doug and Liz are at a supermarket buying food to cook for dinner. In the last episode they ate a lot of fast food, so now they want to buy some healthy organic food.

MC: 不过,professor Bowman, organic food–有机食品价格比较贵,不知道 Doug和Liz 舍不舍得买。

Professor: Let’s listen and find out.

Liz: Alright Doug, first we need to buy some produce. What kinds of fruits and vegetables should we get?

Doug: Wow, look how big those oranges are! Let’s get some of those.

Liz: No let’s not get those. They put all kinds of artificial things into them to make them grow that big. Let’s get some organic ones.

Doug: But the organic ones are much smaller and more expensive.

Liz: Doug, it’s worth it to pay more for healthy food.

Doug 想买那些又圆又大的橙子, 可Liz说,这些橙子是人工助长的,不健康,她想买纯天然的有机食品。对了,Professor, 什么是produce?

Professor: “Produce” is a general word for fruits and vegetables. If you go to a store and want to buy fruits and vegetables, you can ask where the produce section is.


Liz: Alright, next we have to go to the dairy section. We need milk and cheese.

Doug: Great! I have a coupon for milk. It’s only 2 dollars per gallon!

Liz: No way! I want all-natural milk. The Happy Cow Milk Company gives its cows massages every day and lets them listen to music.

Doug: Yeah, and it’s three times more expensive! Who cares if the cows are really happy and relaxed?

Liz: A happy cow is a healthy cow, and a healthy cow produces the best milk!

MC: Professor Bowman, dairy在这里是指奶制品吧?

Professor: Exactly. And remember, in America, milk is usually sold in gallons.

噢,在美国,牛奶按“gallon”,“加仑”卖。Doug 说,他有一张牛奶的coupon–优惠券,可是 Liz不要这种便宜牛奶,她要一家给乳牛按摩、听音乐的公司出的牛奶。

Professor: Can you believe that? I think buying organic food is good, but massages for cows are a little ridiculous.

Liz: Alright, now let’s go get some soap. Can you go get me some all-natural deodorant?

Doug: All-natural deodorant? Oh come on, Liz. Deodorants with chemicals in them work much better.

Liz: No way! All those chemicals are really bad for your health. I don’t want to get cancer.

Doug: Yeah, but I don’t want to have a girlfriend who smells really bad. Liz, you can buy all-natural food, but I draw the line at personal hygiene.

哇,Liz 连deodorant–香氛剂都要all-natural–纯天然。

Professor: She seems to be worried that the chemicals in other deodorants will give her cancer.

可Doug 说“draws the line at personal hygiene”是什么意思呢?

Professor: Winnie, when you draw the line at something, it means you will not tolerate it. For example, it’s good for people to be nice to their pets, but when they treat them like children, that’s where I draw the line.

我明白了, draw the line at something就是“拒绝接受”的意思。Doug 说,Liz可以买全天然食物,但不能买全天然的香氛剂,因为没有化学成分的香氛剂根本不香,Liz会变得臭臭的,Doug可受不了这样的女朋友。

Professor: Exactly. Now let’s listen to them paying the cashier.

Cashier: Would you like paper or plastic?

Doug: We’ll take plastic bags.

Liz: Doug, what are you doing? We can’t use plastic bags. They’re bad for the environment!

Doug: OK fine. Can you put them in paper bags please?

Liz: Doug, paper is bad for the environment too! They have to cut down trees to make paper bags.

Doug: Well what are we going to do? We need some kind of bag to bring the groceries home.

Liz: Let’s buy a cloth bag that’s reusable. They’re only 10 dollars.

Doug: I was afraid you would say that!

Professor: So Winnie, why doesn’t Liz want to put the groceries in paper or plastic bags?


Professor: Listen next time to find out!

A: 看来Liz是个有机产品的铁杆粉丝,她不仅要买organic food 有机食品,all natural milk 纯天然牛奶,还要买all-natural deodorant, 纯天然香氛剂。不过,虽然说这种纯天然的产品对健康有利,但是如果什么都要纯天然的,还真是挺麻烦的。

B: 对啊,什么都要适度嘛。 Maybe she’s obsessed with organic products because she has an addictive personality.

A: Addictive personality? 就是很容易对一样东西上瘾的性格么?

B:Exactly. A lot of gamblers or drug users have addictive personalities! Once they start something, they can’t stop.

A: 对啊,嗜赌如命的人身上就有这种上瘾的性格成分。这期business etiquette正好讲到赌博,咱们来听一听!

礼节美语—BE-229 Gambling I


PATRICIA: Hey, Kelly…the boss just called me into his office. You and I have to go to Macau for a meeting with our international marketing department. The meeting is on a Friday afternoon so I was thinking we could spend the weekend down there!

Kelly: Macau, eh? So I guess you’re thinking about doing some gambling, right?

P: Well, it is legal in Macau. We might as well take advantage of this golden opportunity! Oh, there’s John. John and I used to win some serious money in Las Vegas.

PATRICIA告诉Kelly,老板让他们两人星期五去澳门出差,跟公司的国际营销部同事开会,问Kelly愿不愿意索性在澳门待一个周末,去赌场试试手气。这时候,另外一位同事John走过来,PATRICIA说,John和他以前就曾在美国的赌城拉斯维加斯赢过不少钱,他说的some serious money意思是可观的数额。John说,

John: Yep, Pat and I used to go to Las Vegas at least twice a year. Gambling can be a lot of fun.

K: I’ve never really seen the appeal of gambling. I know it’s possible to win big, but I’ve never won. I really hate losing money.

P: I hear you….but if you ever hit a jackpot you’ll be addicted for life!

J: Winning is a pretty good feeling, but a lot of people can take it too far. PATRICIA, did you hear about Joe?

P: You mean Joe Klein? How’s he doing?

J: Not so good. He lost his house and his wife left him. We didn’t know it at the time, but he actually had a serious gambling problem.

John 和 Patricia 以前每年至少一起去两次拉斯维加斯。Kelly说自己逢赌必输,所以赌钱对她没有appeal吸引力。PATRICIA说,虽然win big赢大钱的机会不多,但是if you ever hit a jackpot, you’ll be addicted for life. 一旦中了头奖,就会一辈子上瘾。John说,赢钱感觉是不错,但千万不能 take it too far 玩过头,他们有个朋友Joe Klein had a serious gambling problem. 就是赌钱上瘾,结果输了房子不说,老婆也不要他了。

P: Really? That’s too bad.

J: He was over $75,000 in debt…so eventually the bank took his house. As you can imagine, his wife wasn’t too happy about that.

K: See? These are exactly the kind of stories I’m talking about! I think gambling can be as addictive as illegal drugs!

J: And I would have to agree. I don’t have an addictive personality by nature so I’m generally able to control myself. But…I have lost more money than I can afford on more than one occasion.

Kelly 觉得,gambling can be as addictive as illegal drugs. 赌博跟毒品差不多,让人上瘾。John 表示赞同,他说自己虽然自控能力比较强,and don’t have an addictive personality by nature 也不是那种做事喜欢上铎d的人,但是赌钱的时候,还是不止一次输得超出了自己的承受能力,这里说的 more than one occasion 意思是不止一次。

A: 中国人说,小赌怡情,大赌伤身! 不过我看,有时间还是多运动运动,才是健康的生活方式!

B: I agree! Let’s go to the gym and do some exercise to keep fit!

American Sports English Keeping Fit 健美

Y: Hey Patrick, 我今天才发现你很健美,you look fit, masculine, macho…..

P: Well that goes without saying, Yang Chen. I’m just awesome.

Y: 你简直就像Arnold Schwarzenegger.

P: You mean I look like an old man? Thanks so much, Yang Chen.

Y: No, 我是说你像健美先生Mr. Fitness。Hey, seriously, 你是怎么样 keep fit? Doing Kungfu?

P: No Kungfu panda.

Well, I actually I lift weights.

Y 举重

P And I do cardiovascular C-A-R-D-I-O-V-A-S-C-U-L-A-R exercises.

Y: Cardiovascular exercises 都包括什么?

P: Cardiovascular ━ or just cardio ━ is exercise that helps burn calories by working the heart, such as running, biking, and hiking.

Y: Ok, stop. 跑步,骑车,爬山,太多了吧,虽然我想减肥 可是well I really don’t like cardio

P: You look OK. But if you can shed a couple of pounds here and there, that would be perfect.

Y: Shed a couple of pounds? 你是说我太胖? Gee, thanks I guess. 可是我不想加入健身俱乐部。

P: Why not?

Y: I can’t afford the membership fees. 一年要好多年费。太贵了。

But I do exercise.

P: How?

Y: Shopping. I get to do some cardio by walking around, and my arm muscles get exercise from all of the things I have to carry that I bought!


A: Kat, 这几天天气真好,感觉春天来了! 真想出去活动活动!

B: You should join me for a jog after work! It’s fun and refreshing, and a great way to enjoy the weather!

A: Good idea! 今天下班就去和你一起慢跑! 好了, 这次节目时间到了。这次的撰稿人是小北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次再见!

B:See you !

美语训练班  第044课

A: 大家好! 我是杨林, 欢迎来到美语训练班!


A: Kat,上次我不在,听说是你介绍的节目内容?

B: 对啊!

A: 那今天还你来吧!

B:好! 今天,咱们要去美国大学的篮球联赛, 吃顿全素席,要聊聊怎么戒赌,还要告诉大家用美语怎么说“虎妈”。

A: 不过在节目一开始,咱们先来学个词儿!

Learn A Word #1454 long-standing

今天我们要学的词是long-standing. Long-standing is spelled l-o-n-g-s-t-a-n-d-i-n-g, long-standing. Long-standing 形容词,意思是长期存在的。Former South African president Nelson Mandela has been released from the hospital after a surgical procedure for a long-standing abdominal condition. 南非前总统曼德拉由于长期腹痛接受手术后出院。在英国城市普利茅斯, With over 66% of the adult population overweight, obesity continues to be a long-standing health issue for Plymouth. 普利茅斯66%的成年人口超重,肥胖问题是这个城市长期面临的健康问题。好的,今天我们学习的词是 long-standing, long-standing, long-standing.

A: 我有个朋友,最近就解决了个long-standing issue,长期以来一直存在的问题。

B: What’s the issue?

A: 学历问题!他这个人工作能力强,人缘也好,就是学历低,所以在公司升不上去,现在好了,学历拿到了,前途光明了。

B: Good for him! I hope he didn’t get his degree from one of the schools that we call “degree mills.”

A: Degree mills? 学历磨坊?

B: That’s right. It’s the kind of school that churns out graduates as fast as possible without really paying attention to the quality of their education.

A:哦,你说的就是“文凭工厂”!而且你还用到了一个习惯用语:churn out, 咱们现在就来听听这个短语的用法。

Words and Idioms #957

现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 957讲。我是杨琳。

M:我是 Douglas Johnson.

女: 昨天我去书店买书,看到浪漫小说那里多出了一大排,看起来是相同作者写的一系列丛书。我随便翻了两三本,发现内容大同小异,情节也没有什么特别吸引人的地方。这让我想到一句习惯用语,那就是:

M:Churn out. Churn is spelled c-h-u-r-n, and out; o-u-t. Churn out.

Churn 作为动词,本身有大量生产的意思。加上out,这个短语的意思就是ǒ不顾质量地粗糙生产;大量炮制ō。就像上面的例子中,这些浪漫小说内容相差不多,而且一本接着一本地上市。这让我觉得这些书质量不高,完全是为了赚钱而批量生产。下面这个例子里的旅行者可不一样,让我们来听听他是如何选择纪念品的:

M: “When I travel to a country I’m always looking for a souvenir to take back home with me. Many times, I try to find a local artisan who produces something unique. I don’t want some factory-produced trinket. Why would I care for what’s been CHURNED OUT by the millions?”

[这段话是说: 每次我去国外旅行的时候,我都会寻找特别的纪念品带回家。很多时候,我会找一名当地的匠人,让他制作一些特别的东西。我不想要那些工厂生产的小纪念品,那种成千上万一模一样的东西完全不吸引我。]

说起TRINKET,我的朋友经常带给我这种东西,像钥匙链,冰箱贴之类的。但其实我跟上面例子中的人观点一样,I would much prefer a good story than something churned out by the millions. 相比起那些批量生产的纪念品,我更想听一个好故事。好了,让我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: “When I travel to a country I’m always looking for a souvenir to take back home with me. Many times, I try to find a local artisan who produces something unique. I don’t want some factory-produced trinket. Why would I care for what’s been CHURNED OUT by the millions?”

我的小侄女最近正在研究要申请哪所大学。选择非常多,她该选择一所有名气的大学,还是离家近的? 是在城市,还是在郊区?是私人大学,还是公立大学? 需要考虑的因素很多。下面例子里谈到了一所大学,让我们来听听看:

M: “It’s true that Acme University is less expensive than many other schools. And it offers classes on-line and at several campuses throughout the country. But the instruction it provides isn’t very high-quality. It seems more concerned with CHURNING OUT as many graduates as possible each year. ”

[这段话是说: 与其他大学相比,Acme大学的学费确实不高。它还提供网上课程,而且全国各地有很多校区。但是这所大学的教学质量可不高,而是更在乎每年ǒ炮制ō出尽量多的毕业生。]

我绝对不相信这种快速教育能教出优秀的毕业生。这也让我想到我妹妹的婚礼策划师。我看过他的很多作品,可是看起来新人的装束,花束的选择,还有婚礼流程,全都一模一样! He seems to be churning out wedding ceremonies like a factory makes widgets. 他策划婚礼就像工厂生产零件一样,大量炮制。好的,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: “It’s true that Acme University is less expensive than many other schools. And it offers classes on-line and at several campuses throughout the country. But the instruction it provides isn’t very high-quality. It seems more concerned with CHURNING OUT as many graduates as possible each year. ”

今天我们学习的习惯用语是CHURN OUT,意思是ǒ不顾质量地大量炮制ō。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是 Douglas Johnson。谢谢各位的收听。

A: Kat, 我刚才提到的那个朋友可不是在文凭工厂混的学历,人家是到全美排名前5的名校读的!

B:Hmm, I’m not really obsessed with top schools. I think most rankings are skewed one way or anotherr.

A: I agree. Ranking is not as important as some people think it is. 不过我这个观点好多父母就不赞同,就拿我妈来说,从我刚上小学开始,她就一直跟我说,以后一定要考上名牌大学,还要当全班第一。

B: Sounds like you have a demanding mom–虎妈!

A: 可不是么!正好,今天咱们的美语怎么说就要教这个词儿!

Jessica 在北京学中文,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是吴琼要问的:虎妈。

Jessica:Hey 吴琼!你怎么看起来无精打采的!怎么啦?

WQ: 别提了。还不是我男朋友,他什么都告诉他妈妈,连我们吵架都说,我真是受不了了,简直就是个没长大的孩子嘛!

Jessica: Oh yeah, mama’s boy can be hard to deal with.

WQ: Wait a second…你说,mama’s boy?

Jessica: Yep. Mama’s boy is used to describe a guy who is excessively attached to his mother.

WQ: 哦,就是什么都要听妈妈的话的那种男生!简直就是我男朋友的写照嘛…Mama’s boy! 那,什么都听父母话的女生要怎么说?

Jessica: We call that kind of girl Daddy’s little girl. 爸爸的小女儿。

WQ: Mama’s boy, Daddy’s little girl, 真形象!其实我觉得,孩子有这种依赖性,家长也有责任!

Jessica: Yep. I’ve seen some helicopter parents. They are pretty scary.

WQ: Helicopter parents?直升机家长?

Jessica: That’s right. Helicopter parents refer to those who always hover over their children even when they’ve already grown up. 就是对孩子过度保护的家长。

WQ: 哦!helicopter parents 直升机家长,是说家长像直升机一样一直在你头顶上嗡嗡嗡地盘旋!对了,前段时间还出了个ǒ虎妈ō,你记得吗!虎妈要怎么说?

Jessica: Of course. 虎妈 is called Tiger Mom.

WQ: 哈哈,对,现在大家都管这种对子女管教特别严厉的妈妈叫做 tiger mom 虎妈!Thank goodness! My mom is not a tiger mom!

Jessica: Good for you! 好,现在看看你今天都学了什么吧!

WQ: 第一,形容对家长严重依赖的孩子,男孩可以用 mama’s boy, 乖乖女可以叫 daddy’s little girl;

第二,过份关心孩子的直升机父母是 helicopter parents;

第三,管教严厉的母亲,叫 tiger mom!

这次的”美语怎么说”就到这里了。如果你也有不会说的词,请写信给Jessica, 电邮请寄meiyu@voanews.com

A: I don’t want to date a mama’s boy, 他们太不独立了!不过,I, on the other hand, want to be daddy’s little girl, 希望能永远被人宠着!

B: 啊?你这是不是叫“宽以律己,严以待人”?

A: 嘿!你最近中文进步不少啊,Kat!

B: Thanks! Okay, daddy’s little girl, do you think you can cook for your boyfriend if he wants a homemade meal?

A: 你可问着了,别的不行,做饭我在行啊!给男朋友做顿爱心晚餐,不在话下!

B: Really? I’d have to see it to believe it.



Food: Advanced


Professor: Today Robert is going over to Liz and Doug’s apartment for dinner party, but he is about to find out that his tastes in food are very different from theirs.

Robert: Hey Doug! Hey Liz! Thank you so much for inviting me over for dinner.

Liz: Oh, it’s our pleasure! We haven’t had company in a long time so we’re really excited you could make it. Hey, what’s that dish you brought?

Robert: Well, Doug told me we were going to have a potluck dinner, so I cooked up some of my famous steak and brought it over. I hope you like it.

Liz: Oh my gosh Doug! He brought a dead animal into our house! What are we going to do?

Robert: Uh …. Doug? What’s the problem? Doesn’t Liz like steak?

Doug: Jeez…. I totally forgot to tell you. Liz is a vegetarian because she thinks eating meat is like murdering animals. Don’t worry honey, tomorrow I’ll take the steak outside and bury it.


Professor: Exactly, Winnie. And did you hear Liz talk about “having company”? When you have company, that means you invite guests over to your house. For example, “I can’t go to the movies on Friday night because I’m having company.”

哦,have company 就是”有客人在”的意思。对了,professor, potluck dinner 是什么意思?

Professor: At some dinner parties the host prepares all the food for the guests. But at a potluck dinner, all the guests each bring a dish to share with the other guests.

我明白了,potluck dinner就是客人都自己带菜,大家一起吃的聚餐。

Doug: Don’t worry Robert! Even though we can’t eat the steak, we’ve got lots of other good stuff to eat. Come and sit down at the table.

Robert: Great! I’m starving. What are we having?

Liz: I really hope you like it! I’ve prepared a three-course meal for you. For our appetizer we’re having carrots, for the entree we’re having chicken, and for the dessert we’re having chocolate cake.

Robert: Well that sounds great …. but did you say we’re having chicken for the main course? I thought you didn’t eat meat!

Liz: Oh don’t be ridiculous! It’s not real chicken. It’s fake chicken, made from tofu.

Robert: Doug, did she say we’re having fake chicken made from tofu?

Doug: That’s right. Trust me, it sounds pretty weird, but I’m sure you’re going to love it.

Professor Bowman, 什么叫 three-course meal?

Professor: When you go to dinner in America, each dish is served one after another. Each dish is called a “course,” so if there is a three-course meal, that means three dishes are being served and they are “appetizer”, “entree”, and “desert”.

哦,原来这就是由ǒ头台ōǒ主菜ō和ǒ甜点ō这三道菜组成的大餐。对了, Liz还说,主菜是豆腐做的素鸡,这个菜可不好做!

Professor: Well now they have finished eating, so let’s see what Robert thought.

Liz: So Robert, how did you enjoy your meal? It looks like you barely touched any of your chicken.

Robert: It was … umm …. interesting. It’s just that I’m not feeling so well. I think tofu chicken might be an acquired taste.

Doug: Believe me buddy, that’s what I said when I first had it. But I’m telling you, once you get used to it you’ll never go back to eating real chicken.

Liz: You know Doug, if tofu chicken really is an acquired taste, we should just put the leftovers in a doggie bag to give to Robert to take home. Then he can keep eating it all week!

Professor, 什么叫acquired taste?

Prof: It means a preference that is only acquired after considerable experience.

我明白了,acquired taste 就是慢慢培养出来的爱好。

哈,Robert 客气地说,吃素鸡是 acquired taste,其实就是表示自己不爱吃这道菜。

Prof: That’s right! But Liz offers to let him take the leftovers home so he would fall in love with it someday!

A: 怪不得这家很久没人来做客了,东西那么难吃,客人都被吓跑了!

B: So Yanglin, would I be in the same boat as Robert if I visited your place and tried your cooking?

A: 什么?你是说我做的饭和Liz做的东西一样难吃,你会像Robert一样可怜?

B:Haha, I’m just teasing you.

A: 哼,哪天让你试试我的手艺,保准你心服口服!

B:I look forward to that!

A:言归正传,咱们来听今天的business etiquette.

礼节美语—BE-230 Gambling II


P: So what happened to Joe? How is he holding up?

J: Joe is in Gamblers Anonymous right now. He sent me an e-mail the other day and he says he’s doing better…but recovering from any addiction is a long process.

K: What’s Gamblers Anonymous?

P: Have you ever heard of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA?

K: Not really.

J: Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that tries to help people with alcohol problems overcome their addiction. Gamblers Anonymous does the same thing for gamblers.

K: I see, so it’s sort of like rehab.

Patricia问起Joe近况。John说,Joe现在加入了Gamblers Anonymous嗜赌者互诫协会。Gamblers Anonymous跟Alcoholic Anonymous嗜酒者互诫协会差不多,是帮助赌徒戒赌的组织。在英语里,有某件事情上瘾可以用problem这个字,比如,He has a drinking problem. 他酗酒成性。He has a gambling problem. 他赌博成性。因此说,嗜赌者互诫协会差不多就是一种戒赌组织,it’s like a rehab. Rehab is spelled r-e-h-a-b, rehab 是戒毒,戒赌中心的意思。 John 接着说:

J: That’s right. Gamblers Anonymous offers a support system to gamblers who have a problem.

K: Well, I hope your friend gets better soon. So….what casino games do you usually play?

P: I’ve always liked card games….poker, especially. I don’t like slot machines because I don’t think there are any skills involved.

J: I like poker and all kinds of table games, but my favorite is Blackjack. Blackjack is a nice mix of skill and luck.

嗜赌互诫协会为赌博上瘾的人提供了一个 support system 相互支持的系统。话说到这,Kelly问Patricia和John去赌场一般都玩些什么。Patricia说自己一般都是玩card games玩牌,不喜欢拉老虎机slot machines, 因为他觉得老虎机完全凭运气,一点技术含量也没有。John说,凡是table games他都喜欢玩。在赌场里,table games除了扑克牌以外,还包括 craps轮盘骰子和罗莱特 Roulette等。John还说,但是他最爱玩的还是Blackjack, 21点。

K: I think I might be able to enjoy a game or two of Poker or Blackjack. Do you think I’ll get addicted?

P: Kelly, I’ve known you for a few years and you have excellent self-control. I don’t think you’ll have a problem controlling yourself.

J: Besides, you only get to go to Macau once in a blue moon. What I suggest is you set yourself a reasonable budget of money that you can afford to lose. Don’t go beyond that limit.

P: A little bit of legal gambling can be a lot of fun…but we have to know when to call it a night.

K: All right. You’re on! Let’s hit the casinos on Friday night.

Kelly 担心自己赌钱上瘾 get addicted. John建议她给自己设定一个合理的限度,set yourself a reasonable budget that you can afford to lose. 给自己定个输得起的预算,不要超过那个限度。John还说,况且,You only get to go to Macau once in a blue moon. 去澳门的机会少之又少,once in a blue moon 是非常罕见的意思。Patricia 也说,we know when to call it a night. 我们知道什么时候该打住。Kelly 在两人说服下,最后说,You’re on. Let’s hit the casinos on Friday night. 星期五去赌场,我们就这么说定了。

A: Wow, 赌场里的名堂还真多,不过像我这种初级水平的,也就是拉拉老虎机。

B: Be careful! People can get addicted even when they’re just playing slot machines.

A: 所以说少赌为妙,而且得知道When to call it a night──什么时候收手。好啦,下面咱们去运动运动,听听体育美语吧!

ASE March Madness

Y: 我是杨晨。

P: 我是 Patrick. Are you ready for March Madness?

Y: Yes, I am! And you?

P: I’m ready too.

Y: 你得解释一下什么是March Madness,三月疯狂。

P: Our audiences might not know, March Madness is when all of America watches a huge, 65-team men’s college basketball tournament that takes place in the month of March every year. It’s madness!

Y: 一到了三月疯狂,几乎所有美国人都要看这65个队的大学生篮球联赛。很多人说比NBA还好看呢!

P: The most fun to watch are the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four, and finally ? the championship.

Y:Sweet Sixteen 甜蜜的16岁?

P: No. It’s the final sixteen teams that are left in the tournament.

Y: 这里的Sweet Sixteen应该是甜蜜的16队,也就是剩下的最后16支队伍;Elite Eight是精英八强;Final Four最后四强;当然还有the championship,最后两个队争夺冠军。现在全美国都陷入了March Madness,我想那些在校大学生一定更疯狂了。

P: When I was in college, my team made it/advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. We played the University of Kentucky, but we lost because of our poor shooting and because of Kentucky’s strong defense.

Y:自己是poor shooting,投篮不准,而对方有strong defense,强劲的防守。那还打什么球啊?哈哈哈。

P: Well. Looks like someone has a case of March Madness.

It’s March Madness, baby!

A: 现在就是三月,March Madness 就要开始!能在电视上看那些又年轻又帅的大学男生灌篮,太过眼瘾了!

B: Let’s have a March Madness party at my place!

A: Good idea! It’s gonna be a lot of fun! 好了, 这次节目时间到了。这次的撰稿人是小北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次再见!

B:See you !

美语训练班  第045课

A: 大家好! 我是杨琳, 欢迎来到美语训练班!

B: 大家好,我是Kat! 杨琳,赶快来介绍一下今天的节目内容吧!

A: 没问题! 今天,咱们要去体验一下美国的高中生活,当回拉拉队,要聊聊怎么戒烟,还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“开夜车”。

B: 哇!开夜车,I’m an expert on that!

A: 那你等会来给大家介绍介绍你的熬夜心得吧!

B: 哈哈,没问题!不过节目一开始,还是先来个简单的!

A: 对,咱们先花一分种,学一个词儿!

学个词 for 03/07/2012


今天我们要学的词是 account for. Account is spelled a-c-c-o-u-n-t, account; and for, f-o-r, for; account for. Account for 意思是所占百分比。Labor accounts for only 5% of the cost of making an iPhone. 在产生苹果手机的成本中,人工仅占百分之五。上星期出台的美国零售业数据令人鼓舞。大家普遍关注零售业数据是因为,Consumer spending accounts for more than 70 percent of all economic activity. 消费者开支占了整体经济活动的70%多。美国很受欢迎的影视租赁公司Netflix表示:TV series now account for more than half of all Netflix viewing. 用户收看电视剧集的比例占全部业务的一半以上。好的,今天我们学习的词是account for, account for, account for.

A: 我也来造个句, I account for 90% of the work when it comes to hosting the show…

B: (打断)What??!! You account for how much?!!

A: 哈哈,别生气嘛Kat! 我跟你开玩笑呢!

B: 别理我,我生气呢!

A: 哎呀,那你说,怎么才能补偿你!

B: Let me see. I think a very tasty banana strawberry shake will give us the clean slate that we need.

A:啊?你是说,要一个美味的香蕉草莓奶昔? 好吧好吧…谁叫我说错话了呢!

B: 哈哈,I like your attitude! 言归正传,今天的words and idioms里,我们要来学刚刚我提到的”clean slate”.

A: Let’s listen!

Words and Idioms

现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 958讲。我是杨琳。

M:我是 Douglas Johnson.

女: 我有个好消息!我们的园艺俱乐部终于又要聚会了!前段时间,我们的成员之间闹了点不愉快。有些人想继续种植原来的花草,而另外一些人希望引进新品种,两派意见谈不拢,弄得我们差点散伙。不过最后大家还是达成一致,和好如初。这让我想到一句习惯用语,那就是:

M: Clean slate. Clean is spelled c-l-e-a-n; and slate; s-l-a-t-e, slate.

大家都知道,clean是干净的,slate是石板的意思。连起来,Clean slate, 干净的石板,引伸出来就是“尽弃前嫌,重新开始”的意思。像上面的例子中,俱乐部成员最终克服了彼此间的矛盾,尽弃前嫌,重新开始。在下面这个例子中,Jeremy未来如何?我们来听听他的朋友是怎么说的:

M: “Jeremy had a terrible gambling problem. He got into such bad debt that he lost his house and his car. Eventually, he received counseling. And a court allowed him to declare bankruptcy. That’s given him the CLEAN SLATE he needed. He’s slowly rebuilding his life.”

[这段话是说: 杰里米以前赌博上瘾,结果欠了很多债,房子和车子都没了。最后,他接受了心理咨询,法院也允许他宣布破产,这给了他重新开始的机会。他正在慢慢地重新建立自己的生活。 ]

女:他其实很幸运。很多嗜赌的人都有类似问题,而银行不会让每个人都宣布破产。这个词也让我想到现在美国国会山上的政治辩论。公众对政治家争吵不休,而又无法达成任何结果很不满意,我想下次选举,可能很多议员都会失去席位! A CLEAN SLATE might be just what it will take to meet the voters’ expectations. 选民们希望选举出新的议员,重新开始。


M: “Jeremy had a terrible gambling problem. He got into such bad debt that he lost his house and his car. Eventually, he received counseling. And a court allowed him to declare bankruptcy. That’s given him the CLEAN SLATE he needed. He’s slowly rebuilding his life.”


M: “My sister and I used to argue constantly. Sometimes we wouldn’t speak to each other for days. Then our mom was diagnosed with cancer. And we decided that we didn’t want to go on fighting with each other anymore. We started with a CLEAN SLATE. What happened in the past was behind us.”

[这段话是说: 我妹妹和我过去经常吵架,有时一连好几天彼此谁也不理谁。可自从知道妈妈被诊断出得了癌症后,我们就决定再也这样没完没了地争吵了。过去的都过去了,我们决定重新开始。]

女: 是啊,有时候从不幸的事情里面,也会在其他方面得到好的结果。上面的例子里,如果这两个姐妹的妈妈不生病,她们可能一直都这样吵吵闹闹。They decided to leave the past behind them and start with a clean slate. 她们决定尽弃前嫌,重新开始。好的,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: “My sister and I used to argue constantly. Sometimes we wouldn’t speak to each other for days. Then our mom was diagnosed with cancer. And we decided that we didn’t want to go on fighting with each other anymore. We started with a CLEAN SLATE. What happened in the past was behind us.”

今天我们学习的习惯用语是CLEAN SLATE,意思是“尽弃前嫌,重新开始”。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是 Douglas Johnson。谢谢各位的收听。

A: Kat, let’s start with a clean slate. 快把刚才的不愉快忘了吧!

B:Haha, it’s alright 杨琳。I was up all night trying to finish this report, so I’m a little bit cranky today.

A: Awww, 原来是这样!我也是,一睡不好就影响情绪,容易发飙。不过我一般需要9个小时的婴儿睡眠,所以开夜车对我来说简直就是不可能!

B: Well, as I said, I’m an expert at this. Basically, you have to prepare a lot of fruits and vegetables, and most importantly, tons of coffee!

A: 你还真是经验挺足哈!正好,今天咱们的美语怎么说就要教这个开夜车,咱们赶快来学学有关熬夜的词儿吧!

B: Let’s listen!

MC:Jessica 在北京学中文,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是怡茹要问的:开夜车。

Jessica:怡茹, why do you look so tired?

YR: 这几天又复习又考试,累得我眼睛都快睁不开啦! 昨天晚上,我复习了一个通宵啊! I drove a night car!

Jessica: You drove a night car?

YR: 对啊! 我开了一宿夜车! 难道不是这么说的?

Jessica: 哈哈,you should use the phrase “pull an all-nighter.” It means you spent the whole night studying or working to meet a deadline.

YR: 哦,整宿学习工作不睡觉,就是 pull an all-nighter. 唉! 都怪我平时没好好复习,期末考试前只能临时抱佛脚!

Jessica: You’re not alone, Yiru! A lot of college students pull all-nighters for exams. You can also use the phrase “cram session.” It means an intense period of study before a critical exam.

YR: C-r-a-m, cram, 是仓促备考的意思,所以 a cram session 就是考前的突击复习。正说呢,My study group will have a cram session this afternoon for tomorrow’s exam. Hopefully we can get everything done before midnight so that I don’t have to pull an all-nighter again!

Jessica: Take it easy, Yiru. Isn’t your exam tomorrow an open-book test?

YR: Open-book test? 哦,你是说开卷考试吧?没错,这门是开卷,可老师对开卷考试的答案要求更高。我可不想考砸了!

Jessica: You won’t bomb it. You’re a smart girl!

YR: 你说“bomb”–那不是轰炸的意思么?我猜这就是说没考好,对么?

Jessica: Exactly.

YR: 那要是不及格,挂科了,怎么说呢?

Jessica: Then you can use the verb “flunk”, f-l-u-n-k, flunk. It means you fail to pass an exam.

YR: I don’t want to flunk my exam, so—I gotta go!

Jessica: Before you go, tell me what you’ve learned today!

YR: 第一,开夜车,通宵学习工作,叫 pull an all-nighter; 考试前的突击复习叫 cram session;

第二,开卷考试是 open-book test;

第三,考试考砸了用动词 bomb, 不及格则用 flunk!

这次的”美语怎么说”就到这里了。如果你也有不会说的词,请写信给Jessica, 电邮请寄meiyu@voanews.com

A: Open-book exam, 开卷考试,这个我喜欢!

B: Well actually, open-book exams can be hard. I prefer closed-book exams with a cheat-sheet.

A: Cheat-sheet? 这难道是…小抄?

B: 呵呵,我可不会教大家作弊! A cheat sheet is a certain sized card that you can write all your formulas on, so you don’t have to remember them by heart!

A: 原来这就是公式卡!真人性化!我记得我高中的时候,成天背数学公式,脑袋都要爆炸了!

B: Yeah. Remembering formulas can be annoying. But apart from the pop quizzes and homework, high school can be fun as well! Just think of all the parties and gossip!


High School: beginner


Heather 和 Jeremy 是高中同学,俩人一起上数学课。在上课前的几分钟,他们聊了起来。

Professor: That’s right, Winnie. Say, what do students in my class talk about before I arrive?

Professor, 我们都在聊您有多好啊当然了,如果您不给我们留作业,就更好了!

Professor: Really? Well, it’s better to be feared than loved!

Jeremy: Hi Heather. Did you have a nice weekend?

Heather: Hi Jeremy. Yes, I had a really great weekend. How was your weekend?

Jeremy: It was great! I got to have fun on Saturday and Sunday because we didn’t have any homework.

Heather: Yes we did! We had to read our math textbook and do some math problems. Did you forget?

Jeremy: Oh no, I forgot to do the homework! I hope there isn’t a pop quiz.

Jeremy 和 Heather 谈到刚过去的周末。Jeremey说他周末玩儿得很痛快,因为学校没留作业。可其实并不是这样,是他忘记作业了!

Professor: That’s right Winnie. And what was the homework?

Heather 提醒说,作业是看math textbook–数学书,然后 do some problems–作一些练习题。对了Professor, Jeremy说,希望今天没有pop quiz,这是什么呢?

Professor: A pop quiz is a quiz that the teacher did not tell you about beforehand.

MC: 哦,pop quiz 就是随堂测验,也就是事先没有通知学生,突然进行的小测验! Jeremy 没看书也没作题,要是有pop quiz, 他就惨啦!

Heather: You didn’t do the homework? Yeah, you will definitely fail if there is a pop quiz.

Jeremy: I know! How much time do I have to cram?

Heather: Well, class starts in five minutes. I don’t think that’s enough time.

Jeremy: You’re right. Can I just copy your answers?

Heather也说,如果老师给他们pop quiz, Jeremy 一定会fail–不及格。

Professor: That’s right. So what does Jeremy ask Heather?


Professor: Correct. “Cramming” is studying a lot of information in a short period of time. For example, “It’s best to start studying for the test early so that you don”t have to cram the night before.

没错。可惜,还有5 分钟就上课了。cramming 也来不及了。所以Jeremy想出最后一招,copy Heather’s answers–抄Heather的作业!

Heather: You want me to give you the answers? I think that’s cheating.

Jeremy: Cheating? Of course not. Just pretend you are my tutor.

Heather: I don’t know, Jeremy. I worked hard to do those problems. Why should I just give you the answers?

Jeremy: Because if you do, I will invite you to my party this weekend.


Professor: That’s right, Winnie. What does Jeremy say?

Jeremy 说,Heather应该把自己当成他的tutor–家庭教师,这样,给他抄答案就理所当然了! 对了,Professor Bowman, tutor这个词可以当动词么?

Professor: Yes. For example, if you aren’t good at math, you should find someone to tutor you in math.

我明白了,tutor 当动词就是“给别人辅导”的意思。Jeremy想贿赂Heather,说如果Heather让他抄作业,他就请Heather参加周末的派对。

Heather: Really? You will invite me to your party this weekend?

Jeremy: Yes. All the coolest people come to my parties.

Heather: I know! They sound like a lot of fun.

Jeremy: So, will you help me?

Heather: Well … OK. But change one or two of the answers so we don’t turn in the same homework.

Jeremy: Great!

啊? Heather 就这样投降啦?为了能参加这个酷酷的派对,她竟然牺牲原则。

Professor: That’s right. But what does she tell Jeremy he has to do?

MC: 她说,Jeremy得把一两道题的答案改一下,以免俩人交上去一模一样的作业,被老师发现是抄的。没看出来,Heather还这么狡猾! 唉,希望Jeremy的派对别让Heather失望,要不她的牺牲就白费了!

Professor: Let’s listen next time to find out!

A: 原来,Jeremy 忘了周末有作业,而且也没复习,所以他希望今天不要有pop quiz随堂测验。他问Heather说还剩多长时间让他来cram 突击复习,还说要抄Heather的作业, 让Heather just pretends to be his tutor. 假装是他家教。 可真不怎么样!

B: Cheating is always bad. But I remember those pop quizzes and endless exams! They can make your life pretty stressful.

A: 听起来你的高中生活就挺紧张的?

B:Yeah, my high school was pretty intense, so we had to find a way to let the stress out. Some people preferred to go for a hike, I liked to party with my friends, and some people even tried smoking.

A: 高中就吸烟,对身体多不好啊! I bet it takes a lot of effort to quit smoking down the road.

B:对啊! 今天的business etiquette里就讲到了这个问题,咱们一起去听一听!

礼节美语— Quit Smoking I


Daisy: Hey Johnny, good to see you! How have you been? I haven’t seen you in almost a month.

Johnny: Eleven days, six hours, 21 minutes, and let me see….twenty something seconds.

D: Umm….eleven what?

J: Eleven days since my last cigarette!

D: Hey…good for you! High five!

Daisy将近一个月没见到Johnny,Johnny在这期间把烟戒了,戒烟已经持续了 eleven days, six hours, 21 minutes, and twenty something seconds. 11天6小时21分钟20几秒。Daisy对Johnny表示赞扬,说 good for you! 有你的。这时候女同事Kathy凑了过来。

Kathy: Good afternoon. What are we celebrating?

D: Johnny here has been trying to quit cigarettes for years!

J: And today I’m almost 2 weeks into my program!

K: Wow, congratulations! I quit 10 years ago, but then again, I was never really a serious smoker.

D: Johnny here was a three-pack-a-day man!

K: You smoked three packs a day??! That’s some hard-core smoking! So…It must have been very difficult to quit.

J: Well, I’ve only been smoke-free for 11 days so I can’t pat myself on the back too much. But yes, it has been really tough…probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Kathy说自己是十年前戒的烟,但戒烟前其实抽得也不是很多,I was never a serious smoker. 这一点跟 Johnny 比大不一样,Johnny原来每天抽三盒,He was a three-pack-a-day man. 英文里根据抽烟的多少,可以分为 social smoker 偶尔抽着玩的人;light smoker 烟瘾不大的人;heavy smoker 烟瘾很大的人,还有 chain smoker 一根接一根抽的人,Johnny显然就是这种人,a hard-core smoker 铁杆烟民。Johnny说,自己刚刚戒了11天,还不能 pat myself on the back 自满。to pat oneself on the back 是自我表扬,自我鼓励的意思。 Daisy说,

D: I quit cold turkey, and that was pretty darn hard.

J: Quitting smoking takes a lot of willpower, but these days a lot of help is available if you look for it.

K: My uncle tried hypnosis. A specialist tried to hypnotize him to give him the suggestion that he should stop smoking.

J: Did it work?

K: He quit for a few months, but then he fell back into his old habit.

D: A lot of my friends have tried nicotine patches. Nicotine is an addictive drug and when you quit using it, you get seriously grumpy. Sometimes a patch can help reduce nicotine cravings.

戒烟需要毅力,It takes a lot of willpower. Daisy说自己当年说不抽就不抽了,to quit something cold turkey. 意思是干净利落地戒掉某种习惯。Kathy说,她叔叔曾尝试过hypnosis催眠,hypnosis is spelled h-y-p-n-o-s-i-s, hypnosis, 动词是 hypnotize, h-y-p-n-o-t-i-z-e, 但是只坚持了几个月,就又fell back into his old habit 重新捡起了旧习惯。Daisy说,他很多朋友都用 nicotine patches 尼古丁贴片,减少身体对尼古丁的 cravings, cravings 指强烈愿望,在这是指对尼古丁的瘾头。戒烟还有其他什么好办法呢?我们下次继续听。

A: 我记得我叔叔就是个Chain smoker, 一根接着一根地抽! He said it’s impossible for him to quit smoking since he’s always craving for it!

B: Smoking can do some serious damage to your lungs. Also it’s not good for you to be in an environment that’s full of cigarette smoke.

A: 所以说,我们要对香烟说不! 好啦,下面咱们健康一下,去运动运动,听听体育美语吧!

ASE Cheers

Y: Hi, this is Yang Chen.

P: And I’m Patrick.

Y: 看体育比赛到现场和看电视不一样,现场可以为运动员加油打气。给球队加油。英语里基本的说法是:

P: Let’s go!

Y: Let’s go 在这里不是我们走吧,而是加油。Patrick, 你先教大家怎么喊加油。

P: Let’s Go is followed by the name of the team you are cheering for. You then follow it with another “Let’s go.” Like “Let’s go, Lakers. Let’s go.”

Y: 先说一遍Let’s go. 然后喊球队的名字,最后再喊一遍 Let’s go. 如果为美国队加油,就喊:

P: Let’s go, Team U.S.A, Let’s go!

Y: 我们俩一齐喊怎么样?

Y/P: Let’s go, Team U.S.A, Let’s go! Let’s go, Team USA, Let’s go!

P: Wow. We are good!

Y: 给单个运动员加油和给一个团队加油不一样。

P: To cheer on an individual athlete in a race or a competition, many U.S. fans will yell: “Come on!” followed by the name of the athlete they are cheering for. They will end with “You can do it!”

Y: 你要是喜欢看贝克汗姆踢球,那就喊:

P: Come on! Beckham, You can do it!

But, perhaps the most famous cheer is one used at middle and high schools all over America. It goes like this “Two, Four, Six, Eight-who do we appreciate?” followed by the name of the team you are rooting for.

Y: 这个有意思:Two, Four, Six, Eight—Who do we appreciate? 火箭队!Don’t you want to try?

P: Not this time, Yang Chen.

Y: Come on, Patrick! You can do it!

A: Come on! Jeremy Lin, You can do it!

B: 看来你是林书豪的铁杆粉丝啦!

A: 那当然! 他球打得又好,人又帅又高,而且还是哈佛毕业的!简直就是我的白马王子!

B: 行啦杨琳,Daydreaming time ends now. 不过,下次他来华盛顿比赛,咱们可以一块去看!

A: I like that idea!! 好了, 这次节目时间到了。这次的剪辑是小北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次再见!

B:See You Later, Alligator!

美语训练班  第046课

A: 大家好! 我是杨琳, 欢迎来到这期的美语训练班!

B: 大家好,我是Kat! 杨琳,赶快来介绍一下今天的节目内容吧!

A: 没问题! 今天,咱们要去参加美国的高中派队,玩玩功夫游戏,聊聊戒烟有什么好办法,还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“大众情人”。

B: 大众情人! Jay Chou ,周杰伦!

A: 哈哈,看来你还是周杰伦的歌迷呢?

B: 嘿嘿,没错! 听他的歌,又能看帅哥,又能学绕口令!

A: 哈哈,You are too funny, Kat! 不过在节目一开始,咱们还是先花一分种,学一个词儿!

Learn A Word Binge Drinking

今天我们要学的词是Binge Drinking, binge is spelled b-i-n-g-e, binge; and drinking, d-r-i-n-k-i-n-g, drinking. Binge 是名词,放纵,binge drinking 意思是狂饮,酗酒。欧洲的研究人员发现,The more scenes of alcohol use teens watched on the big screen, the greater their risk of binge drinking. 对青少年来说,看电影中喝酒的剧情越多,自己出去暴饮买醉的可能性就越大。最近美国各地学校都在放春假,Highway safety organizations warn that Spring Break binge drinking can lead to dangerous drivers on the road. 高速公路安全组织警告说,春假期间的暴饮可能会让路上出现马路杀手。好的,今天我们学习的词是binge drinking, binge drinking, binge drinking.

B: Remember that one time at our house party when you binged and ended up singing and dancing all night?

A: What? 你说我喝酒喝到在party上乱唱乱跳! 才不是! 你知道我酒量特别小的! I only had one bottle of beer!

B: 哈哈,真的吗?

A: 当然是真的! 我记得那次忘了邀请我的好朋友Sam一起去,她还挺生气的…

B: Oops, that’s not good. Did you guys clear the air later?

A:We did! 幸好她通情达理,I invited her out for coffee, and explained that I forgot to invite her only because I had too much work that week. 她也就没放在心上了!

B: That’s great! 在今天的words and idioms里,我们就要来教你怎么跟你别人”Clear the air”!

A: Let’s listen and find out!

Words and Idioms

现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 959讲。我是杨琳。

我是 Douglas Johnson.

今天我想问问听众朋友,当你跟别人发生分歧的时候,你会怎么处理? 是装做没有事情发生? 是自己生闷气? 是就此跟朋友绝交? 还是跟对方坐下来好好谈谈,努力解决分歧呢? 如果你选择最后一个解决方案,Bingo! 这就是我们今天要教的习惯用语:

M:Clear the air. Clear is spelled c-l-e-a-r; and air, a-i-r. Clear-the-air.

女: Clear 清除,air 空气,连起来 to clear the air 清除两人间不愉快的气氛,其实就是“消除隔阂”的意思。每次我要是和朋友有什么不愉快我都会这么做,clear the air. 坦诚的谈谈问题,其实你们会发现,没有什么是不能解决的。说到这,你是不是也有写电子邮件被误解的时候? 下面的例子里,一个领导要告诉我们,如果下属误解了他的邮件他会怎么做,让我们来听听看:

M: “One of my assistants got really upset with me over an e-mail I wrote her. She felt that I was criticizing her for not doing her job right. But my intent was to offer some helpful suggestions. I’ve invited her out for coffee this afternoon. I’d like to CLEAR THE AIR. I’m hoping to explain what I meant, so that she doesn’t feel upset anymore.”

[这段话是说: 因为我写的一封电子邮件,我的一名助理很不高兴。她以为我是在批评她工作做得不好,但实际上我只是想给她提一些建议。我邀请她下午一起去喝咖啡。我想跟她消除隔阂,解释一下我真正的意思,希望她不再难过了。]

女:这就是为什么我对写email特别小心。很多时候一个词,你写的是一个意思,别人看就是另一种语气。所以对我来说,I prefer face-to-face conversation over e-mail. 比起电子邮件,我更喜欢面对面的谈话。好了,让我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: “One of my assistants got really upset with me over an e-mail I wrote her. She felt that I was criticizing her for not doing her job right. But my intent was to offer some helpful suggestions. I’ve invited her out for coffee this afternoon. I’d like to CLEAR THE AIR. I’m hoping to explain what I meant, so that she doesn’t feel upset anymore.”


M: “When mom asked me if she could move in with me after dad died, I told her I needed to think about it. It’s not that I don’t love her. It’s just that I live so far away that she wouldn’t be able to see her friends or enjoy her life like before. Fortunately, over dinner last night, we CLEARED THE AIR. She realized that her happiness is very important to me.”

[这段话是说: 爸爸过世后,妈妈问我能不能搬来和我一起住。我告诉她我需要考虑一下。其实,我不是不爱妈妈,而是我住得太远,搬来跟我一起住,她就没法向以前那样去见朋友,像以前那样享受生活了。还好,昨天吃晚饭时我们消除了隔阂。她意识到,她的快乐对我来说是非常重要的。]

女: 真高兴听到这母女俩能消除隔阂。在很多文化里,子女是要照顾年长的父母的。但其实,有时候让老人离开她熟悉的环境并不是一件好事。Both parties should be willing to have a frank conversation, it could save everyone from CLEARING THE AIR later on. 双方应该开诚布公地谈谈,这样日后就不用再去消除隔阂了。好的,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: “When mom asked me if she could move in with me after dad died, I told her I needed to think about it. It’s not that I don’t love her. It’s just that I live so far away that she wouldn’t be able to see her friends or enjoy her life like before. Fortunately, over dinner last night, we CLEARED THE AIR. She realized that her happiness is very important to me.”

今天我们学习的习惯用语是CLEAR THE AIR,意思是“消除隔阂”。

A: 我觉得,只要大家都肯心平气和地坐下来好好谈谈,没有什么是不能解决的。

B: I agree with the boss in the show. I personally don’t like emails, because it’s hard to see other peoples’ reactions through emails or even over the phone. Face to face communication is the best way to clear the air.

A: Definitely! 好了,学会了怎么消除隔阂,咱们是不是该来点轻松好玩的了? 我们要带大家去看看大众情人用美语怎么说!

How to say it in American English: Lady Killer

Jessica 在北京学中文,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是怡茹要问的:大众情人。

Jessica:Hey 怡茹, what’s your plan for the weekend?

YR: 我原来大学的同学组了个乐队,今晚在酒吧表演,怎么样?要不要一起来?

Jessica: 那,得看乐队成员帅不帅呀?

YR: 那你一定得来! 我这些同学都是大学里的校草级人物,主唱更是人帅脾气好,大学的时候简直是大众情人啊!

Jessica: Ha! Sounds like a lady killer to me!

YR: Lady killer? 女性…杀手?

Jessica: No! A lady killer refers to a man who’s extremely charming and women just throw themselves at him. These guys are usually very good-looking.

YR: 这简直就是我那个同学的写照!Every girl dreamt of dating him in college. He’s such a lady killer! 尽管如此,他人却特别随和,一点也不难伺候! 不像我男朋友,动不动就不高兴,我简直受够了!

Jessica: Hmm, I didn’t know that your boyfriend is a high-maintenance guy.

YR: High maintenance? 高级维修?我倒不用维修我男朋友…

Jessica: Haha Yiru, when you say someone is high-maintenance, it means he or she is really hard to satisfy.

YR: 哦,我懂了,就是难伺候!My boyfriend is definitely high-maintenance. He’s constantly complaining, and can easily get upset!

Jessica: I’m sorry Yiru. You know what? Maybe you will have a shot with that lady killer classmate.

YR: 我?我可配不上他。对了,这个“配不上”用美语怎么说?

Jessica: You can say A is out of B’s league. 意思就是A配不上B。But Yiru, a nice girl like you deserves someone awesome! I don’t think any guy is out of YOUR league!

YR: 呵呵,谢谢你 Jessica! 那你晚上跟我一起来哦!

Jessica: Sure. I’ll go with you. Before we get ready for the party, tell me what you’ve learned today!

YR: 第一,大众情人叫做 lady killer;

第二,形容某人难伺候可以用 high-maintenance;

第三,配不上,叫做 out of someone’s league!

A: High-maintenance guys…ehhh 我可不想有个难伺候的男朋友…

B: 对啊! I try to avoid high-maintenance people in general. They are so hard to deal with.

A: 怎么? 看起来你有亲身经历?

B: Yeah…I knew this girl in high school who drove me crazy. She always wanted to be the center of everything and the focus of attention for every handsome guy. If she didn’t get her way, she would just throw a fit and ruin the fun for all of us.

A: 啊! 就是那种什么都要争风头的人,真难搞。不过说起来,我高中的时候光学习了,都没参加什么派对。你呢,Kat?

B: I actually had some really great parties in high school! Especially the theme parties主题派对,where people dressed up according to certain themes. It’s a great way to shop for new clothes, and meet new people!

A:今天的美语三级跳里,我们的主人公Heather 和Jeremy就要讨论怎么准备去参加PARTY.

B: Let’s listen!

GoEnglish: High School: Intermediate


Heather和Jeremy是高中同学。Heather把作业借Jeremy抄,Jeremy请她去参加派对。今天,Heather 去问Jeremy,去参加派对,自己要作什么准备。

Professor: That’s right, Winnie. But don’t you think it’s strange that Heather needs help preparing to go to a party?


Heather: Wow Jeremy, I’m so excited to go to your party this weekend! I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Jeremy: That’s great. I’m really excited too. But I hope a lot of people don’t crash the party. My house is only big enough for the people I invited.

Heather: That’s really rude! But Jeremy, can I ask you a few questions about the party? You see, I’ve never been to a party before.

Jeremy: What? You’ve never been to a party before?

哦,原来 Heather从来没参加过朋友的派对,所以才去问Jeremy应该作哪些准备。不过,Professor Bowman, Jeremy说,希望别人不要“crash the party”,难道他怕有人来捣乱么?

Professor: Winnie, you can say that someone “crashes” a party if he goes without being invited.

哦,crash a party 就是未经邀请擅自闯进派对,做不速之客。Professor, 美国人都喜欢这么做么?

Professor: If it’s a small party and everybody knows you weren’t invited, crashing the party is rude. If it’s a huge party and nobody notices … well …

Jeremy: What do you mean you’ve never been to a party? How is that possible?

Heather: Well …. I usually spend my weekends studying. So what time do you think the party will start? 6pm? 7pm?

Jeremy: Are you kidding? Parties don’t start until late, like 10pm.

Heather: 10pm??? But my curfew is at 10pm.

Jeremy: Just make up an excuse. Tell your parents you’re sleeping at a friend’s house.

Jeremy真够可以的,抄别人作业,还让别人对父母撒谎! 他叫Heather编个理由骗父母,说她在朋友家住一晚,其实偷偷跑出来参加party!

Professor: Exactly. But Winnie, do you know what a “curfew” is?

curfew, 我猜就是“宵禁”,一到这个时间,就必须回家睡觉。

Professor: Right. So Heather says she is supposed to be home just when the party is starting.

Heather: Well Jeremy, what do you think I should wear? Should I wear something formal or casual?

Jeremy: Uh, Heather? We’re in high school. I don’t think anybody even has any formal clothes in their wardrobe.

Heather: Ok, so you think I should dress down? Should I wear jeans and a tee-shirt?

Jeremy: Yeah, definitely wear something casual. It’s not going to be a very fancy party, so there’s no reason to dress up.

Heather问Jeremy,应该穿得formal–正式” ,还是 casual–“随意”,也就是说,是要dress up–穿正装,还是dress down–随便穿。

Professor: Exactly. And what does Jeremy say?


Professor: Exactly. The word “wardrobe” can mean the collection of clothing belonging to one person. For example, “I had to buy a whole new wardrobe because I gained 20 pounds over the winter.”


Heather: Alright Jeremy, I think I’m ready. I promise you, I’m going to be the life of the party. I’ll be there at 10pm.

Jeremy: Actually, there is one more thing I have to teach you. You have to be fashionably late.

Heather: What? You mean I should be late to the party?

Jeremy: That’s right. You have to make people think you are so cool, and have so many other exciting things to do, that you couldn’t be there on time.

Heather: Wow …. so the later I come, the more people think I am really cool?

Jeremy: Yeah. And if you really want to look cool, don’t go to the party at all!

Jeremy教Heather,她在party时故意晚到,以显示自己的社交生活丰富而繁忙! 对了,professor, The life of the party is the most fun and exciting person there, who makes the party fun for everyone else.

哦,就是派对上的焦点人物! 啊…我估计Heather当不了这个life of the party!

Professor: Well, listen next time to find out!

A: Heather 从来没参加过party, 所以Jeremy 给了她一些小贴士。他说高中派对可以dress down随便穿,而且要be fashionably late 故意晚到,显示自己社交生活丰富,这样才能 be the life of the party 成为派对焦点!

B: Haha, I’m telling you, being fashionably late is a good trick to get attention at parties.

A: Really? Sounds like somebody is very experienced!

B:哈哈,我可不是个party animal! 但是我喜欢跟朋友一起去派对,又热闹又好玩!But sometimes parties aren’t so great. 上星期我就去了一个party, 结果那里好多人都在吸烟! I couldn’t even breathe!

A: 没错,我也很不喜欢烟味,其实我知道很多吸烟的人都想戒烟,但是想要一下子戒掉烟瘾,真的很难!

B:对啊! 今天的business etiquette里介绍了一些戒烟的好方法,咱们一起去听一听!

礼节美语 Quit Smoking II


K: What’s worked so far?

J: Well, for starters, I saw a doctor who specializes in helping people quit smoking. The doctor recommended a therapy group that meets twice a week.

D: So everyone in the group is trying to quit smoking?

J: yep…we were all in the same boat. We have a buddy system….if we need help, we call each other.

K: That’s really great!

J: Also, the doctor recommended getting some exercise so I started doing some cycling. I could barely make it down the street for the first couple of days, but now I’m riding as much as 10 kilometers!

原来,Johnny专门找了个医生,指导他如何戒烟,医生建议他加入一个 therapy group 治疗小组,小组成员都是想戒烟的烟民,同病相怜,they were all in the same boat. in the same boat是一个很常用的短语,意思是处境相同。另外,医生还建议Johnny锻炼身体,骑自行车。

D: When you quit smoking you also have to change your lifestyle. I had to stop drinking too much beer, because when I drank, it made me want to smoke. I started eating more fruits and vegetables and I cut down on red meat.

K: Yeah, that makes sense. Change your diet…change your lifestyle…start a new you!

J: So far the toughest time is when I’m hanging out with friends in clubs, bars or KTVs.

D: I guess you’ll just have to chew a lot of gum.

J: Yeah…the doctor told me to keep my mouth and hands busy! Chew gum, drink water, whistle, draw, hold a pencil…just try to distract my mind.

Daisy说,戒烟的一部分是要改变生活习惯,比如他自己,原来爱喝啤酒,一喝啤酒就自然而然地想抽烟,所以为了戒烟他索性连酒也少喝了,开始多吃蔬菜水果,并且 cut down on red meat. 少吃红肉。to cut down on something 是减少的意思,red meat 红肉,包括猪肉,牛肉,羊肉等,跟 red meat 相对的是鸡肉和鱼肉等 white meat. Johnny说,最痛苦的时候是跟朋友到夜总会和酒吧那种地方去,周围抽烟喝酒的人太多,诱惑太大,医生曾建议他,不要让自己的嘴和手闲着,嚼口香糖,喝水,吹口哨,或者干脆手里拿根笔,都行。

K: I applaud your efforts to quit! I’m sure you’ll be much happier in the long run.

D: Yeah…a couple of years from now, you look back and wonder how you could’ve ever been a smoker!

J: I hope so…because it’s been pretty tough.

D: Don’t worry; there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

K: Keep up the good work!

J: Thanks, guys!

最后,Kathy 和Daisy都鼓励Johnny一定要坚持,Daisy说,there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 隧道尽头能看到光明,类似中文里说的曙光就在前面。

A: Nice! 原来,Johnny 和与他同病相怜的人建立了一个buddy system, 兄弟互助系统,每次想抽烟的时候就互相鼓励;他还cut down on red meat, 减少红肉的摄取量,而且keep his mouth and hands busy, 随时都不让自己的嘴和手闲着。

B: Those are really good pointers for quitting smoking. For some people, quitting requires a lot of effort, but for others, they can quit cold turkey! 一下子就戒掉了!

A: 每个人都不一样,不过要是抽太多烟,身体肯定变差。说到这,咱们赶快去健康一下,练练功夫吧!

ASE Kung Fu

Y: Patrick,What are you doing?

P I’m playing Kung fu video games.

Y Kung fu 电动游戏多没劲,Let me teach you some real Kung fu moves.

P: You know Yang Chen, I think Kung fu may be the only sport where you have the upper hand on me.

Y: 在功夫大师面前,你是不是害怕了?

P: I’m not scared. I have lots of experience playing Kung fu video games by myself at home.

Y: Only losers play Kung fu video games by themselves at home.

P: You really don’t pull your punches, do you, Yang Chen?

Y: What do you mean ‘pull my punches’?

P: When you pull your punches, that means you hit someone only lightly so you really don’t actually hurt them.

Y: You mean 手下留情。Don’t worry.

P: That’s what I was afraid of. You know, you can use “pull your punches” when you’re talking about criticizing people too. For example, I didn’t pull any punches when I criticized my boss’s new plan to reduce everyone’s salary.

Y: Oh 你敢批评老板? 而且还didn’t pull any punches 。勇气可嘉。But I’m worried about you. Do you still have a job?

P: Nope. He got mad and fired me. That’s why I’m trying to become a professional Kung fu master for my new career.

Y: Well, 学点儿功夫也好。 教训一下你的老板。Maybe he’ll hire you back.

P: That’s the plan.

Y:That’s a good plan.

P:Now let me show you some of the Kung fu moves I’ve learned from watching Bruce Lee movies.

Y: That’s the worst Kung fu I’ve ever seen.

P: I can see you’re not pulling your punches when you make fun of me!

Y: Don’t feel bad. At least you can scream even better than Bruce Lee.

A: I can scream better than Bruce Lee. Hai! 看招!

B: Did you not realize that you are talking to a kung fu master? 接招!

A: 哈哈,现在录节目没法比,等会出去咱俩比试比试!

B: 没问题啊! 谁怕谁!

A: 好了, 这次节目时间就到这里。这次的剪辑是小北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!

B: Tune in next time to find out who wins our Kong Fu competition! It will be me!

A: It will be me!

B: It will be me! …..

美语训练班  第047课

A: 大家好! 我是杨琳, 欢迎来到这期的美语训练班!

B: 大家好,我是Kat! 杨琳,赶快来介绍一下今天的节目内容吧!

A: 没问题!今天,咱们要看看怎么促进销售,要聊聊谣言是如何制造出来的,还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“道听途说”。

B: 道听途说?这是什么意思我不太明白,但是告诉大家一个好消息,上次功夫比赛,我是冠军!Yeah!!

A: 哎…都过了一个星期,你还记得!

B: Of course! I have to share my good news with our audience!

A: 好了好了,冠军,输给你了! 咱们还是言归正传,节目一开始,先带大家花一分钟,学一个词儿!

Learn A Word successive

今天我们要学的词是successive. Successive is spelled s-u-c-c-e-s-s-i-v-e, successive. Successive 意思是连续的,连接的。New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin scored an average of 20 points a game over six successive games. 纽约尼克斯队控球后卫林书豪连续6场比赛取得了平均每场得20分的成绩。Housing prices fell in Scotland for the fourth successive month. 苏格兰的房价连续第四个月降低。UK stocks slid slightly after five successive days of gains. 英国股市在接连五天上涨后略微回落。This was the school’s fifth successive victory. 校队连续获得了五场比赛的胜利。好的,今天我们学习的词是successive, successive, successive.

B: I’ll definitely have successive victories if we have kung fu competitions every year.

A: 什么?你说要是我们年年比赛,你每年都能赢?

B: 哈哈,开个玩笑嘛! Speaking of which, the New York Knicks just had their fifth consecutive win last night. Jeremy Lin 林书豪打得特棒!

A: 那当然了!我的偶像嘛! 不过我希望他小心点,别像姚明那样老受伤!

B: Hmm, good point. Yao Ming is back on his feet now, right?

A:Back on his feet?

B:Let’s listen to Popular American and you will know what I mean by this!

Popular American Back on your feet, B.O. (bee-oh)

现在播送《流行美语》。 李华前阵子伤到左手,最近刚刚康复。今天Larry到医院来看李华。李华会学到两个常用语:back on your feet 和B.O.。

LL: Li Hua, are you feeling better now?

LH: 嗯。你看,我现在都能搬东西了呢!

LL: Whoa, be careful! But hey, it looks like you’re back on your feet again!

LH: Back on my feet? 我脚没有受伤啦,只有手而已。

LL: No, that’s not what I meant. To be back on your feet is a general saying referring to a person who has recovered or healed from an illness.

LH: 啊,你说 I am back on my feet 是指我手臂养好了,恢复了,是吗?

LL: Yes. I understand why you would think I was talking about your feet, though. A sick person is usually in bed all day. Therefore, when we say that a person is back on their feet, that means they can get off the sick bed and walk around feeling healthy.

LH: 喔。原来 to be back on your feet 是说一个病人已经不用再整天躺在病床上,可以自由走动的意思。

LL: That’s right. Can you give me an example?

LH: 好啊。Larry, I really hope you get back on your feet soon.

LL: You…you hope that I will get well soon? But I’m not even sick…

LH: 可是你脸色好差喔。

LL: That’s not true. Ohhh..ughhh…what is that smell??

LH: 咦?有不好闻的味道吗?在哪里?

LL: Li Hua! You didn’t shower the whole time you were in the hospital did you? I can smell your B.O.

LH: B.O.? 你在说什么啊?我可是天天洗澡呢!

LL: But that smell…B.O. is body odor. I don’t think you showered, Li Hua.

LH: 你说我有体臭?!怎么可能呢?我真的每天都清洗呢。

LL: Then what’s that smell??

LH: 我真的不知道你在说什么。难道。。。

LL: See?! You didn’t shower!

LH: 如果不是我的话,那一定是你!

LL: It cannot be me. I shower everyday and I put on cologne this morning. Li Hua, maybe you’re not back on your feet yet. You can’t even remember if you showered or not.

LH: 怎么这样说。我只不过是手骨折,记性并没有变差啊。And no, I do not have B.O.

LL: Fine then. But hey, you’ve learned two slang expressions today! Back on your feet and B.O. do you know how to use each?

LH: 嗯。B.O. 就是体臭的意思。For example: Larry had such horrible B.O. that I almost passed out. Larry 的体臭难闻到我差点昏过去。

LL: I do not have horrible B.O.! You were the one who smelled like—

LH: 举个例子嘛,干嘛那么认真。那么 back on your feet 是康复的意思。我可以说,My hand is back on my feet, 我都康复了。

LL: You used B.O. correctly. But the phrase, back on your feet, refers to a person. You cannot say your hand is back on its feet. Instead you should say that you, the person, are back on your feet.

LH: 喔。To be back on your feet 是形容康复的人,而不是形容受伤的部位。所以我得说,I am back on my feet.

LL: That’s right. But oh, that smell! It’s okay, Li Hua. You can tell me if you didn’t shower in a while. I understand. I won’t mind.

LH: 可是真的不是我的 B.O. 啊。啊!我知道了!一定是这个!

(Li Hua holds out a bag of food.)

LL: Oh my goodness! What is that?

LH: 这是臭豆腐!其实很好吃的,而且又香。你是因为没吃过所以不习惯它的味道。

LL: Stinky tofu? Why do you have stinky tofu?

LH: 喔。刚才爸妈来过了。知道我很爱吃臭豆腐,就带来给我吃的啊。来,你也尝一块。

LL: Phew! Thanks but no thanks. I don’t want to make people think I have terrible B.O. But hey, I’m sure glad to see that you are back on your feet!

今天李华从 Larry 那儿学到两个常用语,一个是 back on your feet, 表示一个人“恢复健康”;另一个是 B.O., 也就是“体臭”的意思。这次《流行美语》播送完了,谢谢收听,下次节目再见。

A: 哦!原来 back on your feet 就是恢复健康的意思! Yao Ming is 100% back on his feet after his retirement from the NBA.

B: That’s great! I bet a lot of athletes have to retire early because of health problems and injuries.

A: That’s true! 不过还是希望我的偶像林书豪不要受伤!

B: Haha. Rumor has it that Jeremy Lin has a girlfriend.

A: What?!! 你听谁说的!一定是在造谣!

B: Well, I’m not sure if it’s a rumor or not. But you know, there will always be gossip around a popular public figure like him!

A: 在今天的美语怎么说里,我们就来看看传谣言用美语怎么说!

How to say it in American English: grapevine

Jessica 在北京学中文,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是怡茹要问的:道听途说。

YR: Jessica, Congratulations! And I’m mad at you!

Jessica: What? Why? What’s going on?

YR: 我听说你交了个特帅的男朋友! 所以当然恭喜你一下喽!不过,咱俩是好朋友,你居然瞒着我,所以我生气啦!

Jessica: What boyfriend? Where did you hear it?

YR: 大家都这么说啊。就是…啊…怎么说来着,street words say…

Jessica: Do you mean “word on the street”?

YR: 对! Word on the street is you’ve got a new boyfriend! 坊间传言,您交了新男友哦!

Jessica: Gosh! This is pure rumor! Yiru, you must tell me who told you this. I need to dispel this rumor!

YR: 我也是道听途说,这样吧,你告诉我道听途说用美语怎么说,我就告诉你传谣言的人是谁!

Jessica: Deal! 道听途说…Let me see…Okay, you can say “I heard something through the grapevine.” Grapevine is spelt g-r-a-p-e-v-i-n-e.

YR: 哦,grapevine是葡萄藤的意思,I heard it through the grapevine 就是“通过葡萄藤听来的消息”,也就是道听途说喽! 还有别的说法么?

Jessica: You can also say “a little bird told me.” For example, if you don’t want to tell others the source of your information, you can say “Let’s just say I know because a little bird told me.”

YR: 哈哈,真可爱,A little bird told me, 小鸟告诉我的!

Jessica: 好啦,现在你可以告诉我了吧?Who’s spreading the rumor?

YR: Well, let’s just say a little bird told me!

Jessica: Hey! That’s cheating, Yiru! Besides, if you say “a little bird told me,” usually it means both you and I actually know the source of the information, but neither of us wants to say it. 可我现在不知道啊!

YR: 原来,在用 a little bird told me 的时候,大家对消息来源其实都心知肚明,只是故意不说。好吧,那我告诉你吧,其实—I heard the rumor through the grapevine!

Jessica: Hey!

YR: 今天我们学的内容包括:第一,坊间传言可以说Word on the street is…;

第二,道听途说可以说 I heard it through the grapevine;

第三,大家心照不宣地不挑名消息来源,可以说 A little bird told me.

B: See! I heard through the grapevine that Jeremy Lin has a girlfriend.

A: 到底是谁告诉你的? 这样我才能顺藤摸瓜,找到造谣的人!

B: Okay Okay, I’ll stop teasing you. I came across it in a paparazzi magazine.

A: 原来是八卦杂志! 这些杂志里说的东西很少有对的,他们就是为了满足人们的八卦欲!

B: Yeah, gossip is everywhere in society. In today’s GoEnglish, we are going to look at what gossip another Jeremy is facing after he invited Heather to his house party.

A:Let’s listen!

Go English High School : Advanced


Professor: Jeremy invited Heather to his party last weekend because she helped him cheat on his math homework. Today Jeremy is talking with his friend Allison about some of the gossip people have been saying since the party.

Gossip? 八卦闲话?哎呀,我也想听听!

Jeremy: Hey Allison, what’s up? Did you have a good time at my party last weekend?

Allison: Oh yeah, it was totally awesome. Although I’m sorry to hear that you broke up with Karen. You guys were such a great couple!

Jeremy: What? I didn’t break up with Karen. We’re still dating. Why did you think we weren’t together anymore?

Allison: What? Everyone is saying that you dumped Karen and are with Heather now.

Jeremy: What? That’s a complete fabrication. You shouldn’t believe hearsay like that.

哇,不知道party上发生了什么! Allison说,大家都在传,Jeremy dumped his girlfriend Karen–甩掉了自己的女友Karen, 和Heather成一对儿啦!

Professor: Exactly. But what does Jeremy say?


Professor: That’s right. You can also use fabricate as a verb. For example, “Elliot forgot to do his homework, so he fabricated a story about his dog eating it.”

哦,fabricate是动词,就是“瞎编”的意思。对了,professor, Jeremy 说,Allison不该听信这种hearsay。 Hearsay是谣传的意思么?

Professor: Right. Now let’s see where this rumor came from.

Jeremy: Where did you ever hear such a crazy rumor?

Allison: Oh, I don’t know …. I suppose I heard it through the grapevine.

Jeremy: Oh come on, Allison. Tell me why people are saying that.

Allison: Well, you’ve never invited Heather to any of your parties before. And people have been seeing you two spending a lot of time together lately.

Jeremy: No, we haven’t!

Allison: Sure! People in math class say that you all have been talking very quietly and secretly in the back of class. And then there were some people who overheard you spending a long time begging her to come to your party.


Professor: That’s right. And why else have people started to think they’re dating?

因为大家看到Jeremy和Heather两个人老在教室后面嘀嘀咕咕,所以觉得俩人八成儿是好上了! 哈哈,他们哪里知道,这俩人是在偷偷商量抄作业的事儿呢!

Professor: Right. Say Winnie, have you ever heard of “the grapevine” before?


Jeremy: What? I didn’t beg her. When I invited her, I just gave her some advice about what clothes to wear.

Allison: I don’t know Jeremy, isn’t that the kind of advice that a boyfriend usually gives? And what about your secret conversations in math class?

Jeremy: No! She was just giving me the answers to the math homework … Wait! I mean … she is my math tutor.

Allison: Your math tutor? I have to say, that sounds pretty fishy. Isn’t tutoring the usual excuse people use when they start dating?

Jeremy: Come on Allison, you have to believe me. This is all just a big misunderstanding.


Professor: Right. You can call something “fishy” if it sounds suspicious or unbelievable.

Jeremy: Eh … It’s really bad when people believe whatever they hear without asking for proof.

Allison: Well you know, everybody just wants to be in the loop. And when the gossip is really good, everybody wants to tell their friends.

Jeremy: Hmm .. Do you think we could start a good rumor? Like, that I’m the smartest student in school?

Allison: Sorry buddy, nobody is interested in good rumors. And that one definitely isn’t believable if you need a math tutor!

Allison说得对,人们只喜欢传坏事儿,看别人热闹。不过,professor, 什么叫“to be in the loop?”

Professor: Being in the loop is having the latest information.

哦,to be in the loop就是消息灵通! Professor Bowman, 下次你想给我们pop quiz的时候,一定要keep me in the loop,好不好?

Professor: Nice try!

A: Allison 问Jeremy是不是跟原来的女朋友分手,跟Heather在一起了。Jeremy说this is a complete fabrication. 纯粹的谣传,Allison说,I heard it through the grapevine, 道听途说,尽管Jeremy认真解释,可是Allison还是觉得他很fishy, 特别可疑!

B: Hey, speaking of fishy…I noticed that you have been dressing up lately when you come to work…is there something you want to tell me, 杨琳?

A: What? 才没有呢….不是因为我们要开始制作电视节目吗? 所以我才买了一些新衣服,好为上镜做准备!

B: 哦,原来如此! Have you ever heard the English saying: Beauty is skin deep? Then again, I do think first impressions make a difference. 在工作中有时候形象塑造也很重要啊!

A: 没错,在今天的 business etiquette里,就谈到了一些boosting sales,促进销售的好方法,咱们一起去听一听!

礼节美语 Boosting Sales I


Lisa: Frank, we just got our sales figures in and the numbers are very disappointing. What’s going on here?

Frank: I haven’t actually seen the new figures. How far have we fallen?

L: We were in sixth place at the beginning of the year and we’ve now slipped to the eleventh! That’s a considerable drop.

F: Wow, that’s really bad news. Maybe we should brainstorm some ideas for a radical reinvention of our sales and marketing plan.

L: Yeah, let’s do that right now. What do you think the problem is?

公司副总裁Lisa找到销售部经理Frank, 因为最新销售数字很令人失望,年初的时候还排名第六,we’ve now slipped to the eleventh. 如今已经滑落到了第11位,下跌幅度很大,That’s a considerable drop. Frank听了这个坏消息,觉得应该 brainstorm some ideas,to brainstorm 是头脑风暴,集思广益的意思,看看怎样彻底调整一下公司的销售和市场规划。Lisa建议,择日不如撞日,说谈就谈,问Frank觉得问题出在哪里。

F: Well, it seems our competitors have managed to carve a niche in the market. They are now perceived as more “cool” or trendy than we are. Perhaps we should consider getting some celebrity endorsements.

L: You mean like a rock star or a famous sports figure?

F: Yeah, that might help. The person has to be seen as kind of a rebel so we can associate our brand with individuality.

L: That’s not a bad idea. I’ll talk to the Board of Directors about that.

F: I’d also suggest we reevaluate our packaging. Right now the box we sell our product in seems a little drab and colorless.

Frank说,公司的竞争对手 carved a niche in the market 在市场中找到了属于自己的一块地方,niche is spelled n-i-c-h-e, niche 是缝隙的意思,动词 carve 是雕刻,划出的意思。Frank说,现在消费者都觉得公司竞争对手的产品更时尚,因此不妨找两个名人,给公司做产品代言,get some celebrity endorsements, 但选择的名人一定要带有反叛色彩,让用户觉得我们的产品有个性化,individuality. Frank 还建议,眼下的产品包装有些呆板,a little drab, 可以考虑变化一下。Lisa说:

L: Yes, we could redesign our packaging. But on the other hand, there is a recent trend to move away from excessive packaging. You know…to help save the environment.

F: That’s another way we could go. We could reduce our packaging, and then advertise our environmentally-friendly business policies. Being”green” is definitely cool these days. Perhaps environmentally-friendly packaging would appeal to a younger customer demographic.

Lisa说,如今的趋势是放弃过度包装,实现包装简单化,因为这样做有利环保 environmentally-friendly. Frank觉得Lisa说得有道理,公司在包装上可以走环保路线,用环保的新思维来吸引年轻客户群,appeal to 是吸引的意思,demographic is spelled d-e-m-o-g-r-a-p-h-i-c, demographic 在这里指的是消费人群中的一部分。

A: 由于销售下降,公司主管brainstorm头脑风暴。他们认为需要get some celebrity endorsements 名人代言,实现包装简单化,be environmentally-friendly, 有利环保。这样才能在市场中立足。

B: Sales is definitely a very tough profession! You need to meet a certain quota every month, otherwise you risk being fired! It needs people who are super creative and work well under pressure!

A: 对啊! 我认识的做销售的朋友都说,他们得找到缓解压力的方法,比如慢跑啊,瑜珈什么的!

B: 是啊! 不过下面的体育美语里,我们要去了解一个更刺激的运动! Biathlon!

ASE Biathlon

Y: Hey What’s up, Patrick?

P: Well, Yang Chen, I’m watching the Winter Olympics on TV. Today they are having the biathlon competition.

Y: Biathlon是什么?

P: The biathlon is one part cross country skiing, one part shooting.

Y: That’s a real sport?

P: Yep, its pretty entertaining too.

Y: 那biathlon的比赛规则是什么?

P: Well they are timed, so whoever goes through the course the fastest and hits the most targets shooting wins.

Y: 噢,我知道了,这叫冬季两项,就是越野滑雪和射击两项运动。

P:That’s why its called the biathlon.

Y: 那要是你 miss the target 没有射中目标怎么办?

P: You have time added to your total.

Y: 就是说速度和射击两项的综合成绩。 It’s such a weird sport.

P: Oh come on. Yang Chen, you can’t say it’s weird just because you are not good at it.

Y: It is weird.

P Well it’s a tough sport too. But lucky for us, we’re in here watching it on TV.

Y: Watching TV is your number one sport.

P:I’ll have you know I am a very accomplished skier.

Y: Accomplished skier? 滑雪好手?

P: It’s a shame there are no mountains in downtown Washington, or I’d show you a thing or two.

Y:幸亏这周围没有山。 万一你摔坏了,我可不想送你到急诊室。

P: What about you, Yang Chen, do you ski?

Y: Oh no. Not me. 我怕冷。

P: You mean your warm personality isn’t enough to keep you from getting frostbite?

Y: Don’t be sarcastic, Patrick. I just prefer to be warm, that’s all. Let’s leave the biathlon to other people.

P: Sounds good to me. Pull up a seat and watch a round!

B: It’s a tough sport that requires great skiing and shooting skills. Maybe I can give it a try…

A: 哈哈,这回轮到你白日做梦了! 咱俩还是老老实实,等会儿下了班跑跑步去吧!

B: 哈哈, that sounds good! We can jog around the Tidal Basin. The cherry blossoms are in full-bloom!

A: 边锻炼边赏樱花?好主意!好了, 这次节目时间就到这里, 同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!

B: Bye bye! See you next time!

美语训练班  第048课

A: 大家好! 我是杨琳, 欢迎来到这期的美语训练班!

B: 大家好,我是Kat! 今天的节目中,我们要去看看如何求职写简历,聊聊三振出局 ,要去参加一次销售人员的头脑风暴,还要告诉大家怎么用美语说”美容觉”。

A:不错嘛,Kat! 中文有进步哦!

B: 嘿嘿,谢谢!其实我发现学语言,最好的就是多听多练,比如学英语吧,就该多听听我们的美语训练班…

A: 呀,节目一开始你就做上广告了?

B: Woops! 你怎么不配合我呀!Alright, time for the real class! Let’s go to our first episode─learn a word!

Learn A Word catch-22

今天我们要学的词是catch-22. Catch is spelled c-a-t-c-h. Catch-22 就是”catch”这个词后面加上阿拉伯数字22,意思是无法解决的难题,左右为难的局面。刚毕业的大学生不好找工作,The college graduates find themselves in a typical catch-22 situation where employers won’t hire them because they lack experience, but without that first job they can’t get experience. 大学毕业生面临的就是这种无法摆脱的困境:雇主都不愿意雇缺乏工作经验的新人,可是找不到第一份工作,经验就无从谈起。在城市发展中,常会出现这样的现象:Retailers are hesitant to invest in areas where there aren’t sufficient consumers, but many people also don’t want to move to areas where retailers are not easily accessible. That’s the catch-22 of urban development. 零售商不愿意去消费者少的地方投资,大家又不愿意搬到买东西不方便的地方去。这就是城市发展的一个两难困境。好的,今天我们学习的词是catch-22, catch-22, catch-22.

A: 我真有同感!Fresh college graduates often face a common catch-22. 公司都要有经验的人,可是没有第一份工作,经验又从哪里来呢?

B: That’s why a lot of people get part time jobs while attending college- working part-time helps pay for tuition and you can get some real world experience.

A: 嗯,大学出去打工确实不错!我当时上大学光学习了,没出去好好积攒经验,所以找工作的时候, I got stuck in the same catch-22 situation! This episode hits close to home!

B: But it turned out fine in the end! 你看,你现在不是有幸和著名节目主持人──我──一起主持节目吗?

A:呃。好吧,著名节目主持人。不过大家可能还不知道我刚才说的”close to home”是什么意思,今天的words and idioms, 我们就来学学这个短语的用法!


现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 960讲。我是杨琳。

M:我是 Douglas Johnson.


M:Close to home. Close is spelled c-l-o-s-e, and home; h-o-m-e. Close-to-home.

Close to home这个短语跟家其实没什么关系,它的意思是”触及痛处”。上面的例子中,新书作者谈到中东冲突的惨状,触及了摄像师心里深层的记忆。For him, they were CLOSE TO HOME. 对摄像师来说,这段采访触及了他的痛处。下面这个例子中,我们的法律记者要带我们去看看一个叫M.A.D.D., MADD的组织,咱们去听听是怎么回事:

M: “M.A.D.D. is an organization committed to stopping drunk driving and supporting victims of this terrible crime. It was started in 1980 by a mother who had strong feelings about such issues. Her daughter had been killed by a repeat drunk driver. As with many of MADD’s members, this tragedy is very CLOSE TO HOME. ”


MADD这个组织的全称是Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 所以缩写是MADD。对于这位母亲来说,The issue of drunk driving is close to home since her own daughter was killed by a drunk driver. 她对醉酒驾车的害处深有感触,因为她女儿就是被一名醉酒驾车的人撞死的。正是由于这个协会的努力,美国对醉驾的容忍度变小了,惩罚也更为严厉。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。

M: “M.A.D.D. is an organization committed to stopping drunk driving and supporting victims of this terrible crime. It was started in 1980 by a mother who had strong feelings about such issues. Her daughter had been killed by a repeat drunk driver. As with many of MADD’s members, this tragedy is very CLOSE TO HOME. ”


M: ” I wondered what my son was laughing about. He was watching a competition show on TV involving severely heavy people trying to lose weight. I explained to my son how I felt hurt. It was too CLOSE TO HOME. I had been very overweight growing up. And I remembered all the ridicule I suffered years ago. ”


这确实挺难受的。不过这位爸爸正好利用这个机会教育自己的孩子怎么面对与自己不一样的人。在这里,我们还可以在这个短语前面加上动词hit, h-i-t, hit. TO HIT CLOSE TO HOME 也是一样的意思。好,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: ” I wondered what my son was laughing about. He was watching a competition show on TV involving severely heavy people trying to lose weight. I explained to my son how I felt hurt. It was too CLOSE TO HOME. I had been very overweight growing up. And I remembered all the ridicule I suffered years ago. ”

今天我们学习的习惯用语是CLOSE TO HOME ,意思是”触及痛处”。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是 Douglas Johnson。谢谢各位的收听。

A: Oh my gosh! This episode hits close to home AGAIN! 我原来就是个小胖墩,所以一上生物课讲到脂肪那一段我就紧张,怕同学笑我!

B: Aww you poor thing! 可现在你不已经苗条了?

A: 呵呵,可是想到以前的胖墩经历还是觉得close to home! 触及痛处!话说我昨天在报纸上看到,每天保证9个小时的睡眠,还可以减肥耶!

B: That’s actually true. 也许这就是大家说的美容觉的功效吧!

A: 哈哈,没错! 在下面的How to say it 里面,我们就要来看看这个美容觉用美语怎么说!

Beauty Sleep

Jessica 在北京学中文,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是怡茹要问的:美容觉。

Jessica:Hey 怡茹,I haven’t seen you in ages! How’s it going?

YR: 很好很好!就是工作太忙。How are you doing?

Jessica: I’m good! Speaking of which, some of us are going to Karaoke tonight, you’ve got to come with us!

YR: Hmm, I really wanna. 但我明天得见一个大客户,我们又是公关公司,得保持好形象。所以我今天得早点回家,睡个美容觉。

Jessica: Beauty sleep? You don’t need a beauty sleep, Yiru, you are always beautiful!

YR: 哈!原来美容觉就是 beauty sleep! 真好记。说真的,前一段时间为了搞定这个大客户,我整天加班,睡也睡不好!所以,我得回家补补觉!对了,这个补觉用美语要怎么说呀?

Jessica: Let me see….you can say you need to catch up on some Zs.

YR: 啊?Catch up on some Zs?

Jessica: 对啊,here we use the capital letter Z. It refers to the sound you make when you are asleep. Zzzz….you know?

YR: 哈哈,太形象了!Catch up on some Zs, 就是补觉的意思!那睡得不踏实,翻来覆去,又要怎么说呢?

Jessica: We call that toss and turn. Toss is spelled t-o-s-s, toss; and turn, t-u-r-n; toss and turn! 这个词组的意思就是辗转反侧,难以入眠!

YR: 我最近因为要给这个客户写商业计划,老是睡不好。I’ve been tossing and turning all night lately.

Jessica: Oh poor girl! You know what? I think you need to go home and get some shut-eye, we will hang out some other time!

YR: Wait..get some shut-eye? 这难道是休息眼睛的意思吗?

Jessica: It’s close! Actually to get some shut-eye also means to catch up on some sleep, 也是睡觉的意思!

YR: 哈!Catch up on some Zs, get some shut-eye, 这些说法真形象! Ok, I will go home now and get a 10-hour sleep!

Jessica: Sounds good! Before you go, tell me what you’ve learned today!

YR: 第一,美容觉叫做 beauty sleep;

第二,补觉,睡觉可以说 catch up on some Zs, 或者get some shut-eye;

第三,辗转反侧,叫做 toss and turn!

A: 让我也来造个句:I went to three parties this week, so I really need to catch up on some Zs this weekend!

B: 什么?你这个礼拜去了三个party! 怎么没叫上我?

A: 你不是下周有一个重要的面试么?I thought you would be home preparing!

B: Yeah, I was actually. Gosh, finding a new job can be really stressful!

A: 对啊!找工作真不容易!想起原来我找工作的时候,在第一步–写简历上就卡壳了!在今天的美语怎么说里,我们就要来学学如何变成文字杀手,让你的简历别出心裁!

B: Wooo…we need this! 我们赶快来听吧!

Job Application Dialogue: Beginner


Toby 刚刚大学毕业,急着找工作,不过他遇到了一个大问题,我们一起听听看。

Denise: Hi Toby, how are you doing? You don’t look very well.

Toby: Hey Denise. I’m just sad because I can’t find a job.

Denise: Yeah, it’s hard to find a job right now. You need to have a really great resume.

Toby: That’s the problem. I don’t have a resume yet!

Denise: Really? Well that’s OK. I’ll help you make one.

原来,Toby 目前最大的障碍是没有一份出色的resume, r-e-s-u-m-e, resume, 简历!

Professor: Yes, Winnie, without a resume he can’t find a job. That’s why he said he’s upset.

不过,Denise 真够朋友,立刻主动提出愿意帮助Toby,给他支支招,写出一份好简历。

Denise: First I need you to tell me what kind of experience you have.

Toby: Well I just graduated from college, so I don’t have much work experience.

Denise: Did you have any part-time jobs in college?

Toby: Well, I worked at the campus book store one day per week.

Denise: Great! You can say you have lots of sales experience.

Professor: So Winnie, how does Toby describe his work experience?

他说,自己刚刚大学毕业,没什么工作经验。不过他以前曾经在学校书店有个 part-time job,打过零工,一个礼拜上一天班。

Professor: Exactly. Students have to study a lot, so usually they don’t have time for full-time jobs.


Prof: And what’s that?

一个字—吹! 写简历的时候最忌讳谦虚。虽然Toby一个礼拜只上一天班,可Denise却让他在简历中写自己有 ǒextensive experience in salesō–丰富的销售经验!

Denise: So Toby, can you tell me exactly what you did at the book store?

Toby: There wasn’t much work for me to do, so I just played on the Internet all day.

Denise: Oh! So you have strong computer skills! What else did you do?

Toby: Hmm …. I also talked with my co-workers a lot.

Denise: Great! Strong communication and people skills!

Professor: So Winnie, did you hear what Toby did at his job?


Professor: Right. But I’m not sure he should put that on his resume.

这个您就别担心啦! 没听Denise说么,在网上瞎逛代表 ǒgood computer skills”–擅长使用电脑。唉,这牛吹的!

Professor: I agree. What else did Toby do at his job?

他还老跟同事聊天。不过到了Denise 嘴里,这也成了优点,叫 good communication and people skills—良好的沟通和人际交往能力! 我看等这份简历写出来,连Toby自己都不敢相信自己竟然真的这么出色!

Denise: Alright, now tell me about your educational experience.

Toby: I majored in English.

Denise: Well … did you learn anything about business when you were at college?

Toby: Hmm …. well when I graduated, I sold some of my old books to a friend.

Denise: Perfect! You have done some sales and have experience in customer service.

Toby: Wow! I never realized I had so much work experience!

Toby 在大学的专业是ǒ英文ō。这么说他应该没有学过什么商业管理的知识吧。

Professor: That’s true. But did he learn about business in another way?

我可不觉得!不过,Denise真是很会扯,她听说Toby在毕业的时候把几本旧书卖给了朋友,就说他有sales and customer service experience—销售和客户服务经验!

Professor: Well do you think this resume will help Toby get some interviews?


A: 这简历可真有点唬人: Denise听说Toby曾经在书店打零工,就写上了extensive experience in sales 丰富的销售经验,玩电脑变成了strong computer skills 擅长使用电脑,跟同事聊天竟然是good communication and people skills, 良好的沟通和人际交往能力!这牛吹的都没边了!

B: Hahaha, that’s a little bit too much. But in the business world, you really DO need to know how to sell yourself! With a resume like this, I bet Toby can at least make it out to a real interview.

A: Yeah that’s true. 找工作是第一步,要是真的进入商业界,诚信很重要,不过销售技巧也很重要!今天的business etiquette里,销售人员继续进行他们的brainstorm,头脑风暴,我们赶快来听听看!

礼节美语 – Boosting Sales II


Lisa: What about our pricing? Are we competitive?

Frank: Actually, we are roughly 15% more expensive than our closest competitors. But it’s going to be hard to cut costs any further, seeing as we are already operating on a very slim margin.

L: There’re always ways to cut costs, we just have to think outside the box. Perhaps we should consider re-locating one of our factories to a more cost-efficient country.

F: We can also talk to our vendors about where they place our products. Perhaps if they’re placed in a more prominent location in stores, they’ll catch the eye of more customers.

在价格方面,Frank说,他们的产品比竞争对手高出大约15%, 但要想进一步削减成本,恐怕很难,因为他们本来就没有多少利润,we’re already operating on a very slim margin. Lisa说,要降低成本,一定有办法,必须 think outside the box 用创造性思维,比如考虑把工厂迁到成本更低廉的地方去。Frank说,也可以看看,销售商能否把产品放在商店里更显眼的地方,catch the eye of more customers.吸引更多顾客的注意。

L: Would it help if we offered a mega sale to clear out some of our inventory? We might not make a lot of money, but we might gain some brand awareness.

F: That’s a great idea. Getting people talking about our brand would be a big boost.

L: Are we harnessing the power of social network websites?

F: What do you mean?

L: I mean like setting up a Facebook page or using Twitter. It’s free to get online and set up an account. We might as well take advantage of these opportunities.

Lisa 建议清仓甩卖,增加 brand awareness 品牌知名度。此外也不能忽视社交网站的力量。We should harness the power of social network websites. harness is spelled h-a-r-n-e-s-s, harness 是驾驭的意思。Lisa说,公司可以在Facebook脸谱网和Twitter推特网上开帐户,免费利用这些网站做宣传。Lisa继续说,

L: Another idea is for us to reevaluate where we are spending our advertising dollar.

F: Right now, we break it down between all the major media outlets. Television advertising gets 45% of our budget, 30% goes to print media, 20% goes to radio and 5% goes towards advertising online.

L: I think we should boost our online advertising. Online ads are cheap and they can reach a much wider audience.

F: All right, I’ll ask the ad department to make the changes.

L: If we can implement these new ideas by the end of this quarter, we might be able to reverse our sales slide and put ourselves in position for a major rebound come next year.

F: That would be great.

Lisa还主张在advertising dollar广告开支的分配上进行调整,增加互联网广告投入,因为在网上做广告不仅便宜,而且能 reach a much wider audience 能让更多的人看到。她说,如果能在这个季度结束前把这些措施落实的话,公司就可能reverse our sales slide扭转销售量下滑的趋势,为明年销量翻身做准备。

A: 销售人员建议进行一次mega sale 清仓大甩卖,以此raise brand awareness,增加品牌知名度。此外,还要harness the power of social networking websites, 重视社交网站的力量。这样一来,销售准能上去!

B: These are all great tips, especially the one about social networking websites.

A: That’s true! 好了,现在咱们是不是该换个话题,轻松一下?一起来听今天的体育美语!

American Sports English

P: Hey Yang Chen, could you please give me our baseball tickets? The attendant needs to see them.

Y: Tickets? Yeah, no problem. Let me see ?

P: What? What’s the problem?

Y: I didn’t bring them. But I can show my ID!

P: Isn’t this the third time you’ve forgotten to bring tickets to the game? You know what? You aren’t allowed to be in charge of bringing the tickets anymore.

Y: 三次?Please give me another chance ? it makes me feel so important!

P: Enough. That’s three strikes, Yang Chen. You’re out!

Y: I don’t understand, Patrick ? 你说什么Three strikes, you’re out! 我不懂。

P: How many baseball games do I need to take you to? In baseball, a strike S-T-R-I-K-E is when the pitcher throws the ball on the target to the batter and the batter either swings and misses the ball or lets the ball pass him. The umpire ?U-M-P-I-R-E yells, strike! Or more like, ‘streeeeeeikkkkkkkkkke!’

Y:我怎么没听到过棒球裁判 umpire 喊‘streeeeeeikkkkkkkkkke!’

P: That’s because you are at the snack bar all the time during the games.

Y: Well, 那这个Three strikes, you’re out! 到底和我有什么关系?

P: We have the general saying ‘three strikes and you’re out’ in American English to express when someone still hasn’t corrected a problem after three failed chances. When they’re ‘out’ it usually means that they no longer have the opportunity.

Y:其实我知道 Three strikes, you’re out! 就是棒球里的”三振出局”,如果一个人同样的错误犯三次,我们就说:

P: Three strikes, you’re out!

Y :Three strikes, you’re out!

A: Three strikes, you’re out! Three strikes, you’re out!

A&B: Three strikes, you’e out! Three strikes, you’re out!

B: Waitàwhat are we talking about here?

A: Hmmm, 没什么,就是练习一下咱们的三振出局气势!

B: 哈哈!这个留着以后用!好了, 这次节目时间就到这里。这次的剪辑是小北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!

A: See you later!

美语训练班  第049课

A: 大家好! 欢迎来到American English Mosaic! 我是杨琳!

B: 我是Kat! 杨琳,赶快来介绍一下今天的节目内容吧!

A: 没问题! 今天,咱们要继续聊聊写简历找工作,要看看如何给客服打电话,还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“摆臭脸”和“卖萌”。

B: 卖萌?什么是萌?是吃的吗?

A: 哈哈,这可是个时髦词儿,等会儿听了节目你就明白啦!

B: 那好吧! 咱们先赶快进入第一个单元,Learn a word!

Learn A Word #1470 SHORT OF

今天我们要学的词是 short of. Short is spelled s-h-o-r-t, short; and of, o-f, of. Short of 指达不到的,缺少的。The project was set aside because we are short of funding. 这个项目下马了,因为我们资金不足。麦当劳三月上旬表示,由于欧洲部分地区的恶劣天气和中国农历新年的原因,For February, global revenue for restaurants opened at least 13 months fell short of expectations. 二月份全球开业13个月以上的所有分店总收入低于预期水平。在今年的NCAA美国大学生篮球联赛中,Saint Louis has fallen short of upsetting number one seed Michigan State. 圣路易斯大学没能爆出冷门,输给了头号种子密歇根州立大学队。 好的,今天我们学习的词是 short of, short of, short of.

A: 让我也来造个句。Whenever I’m in the mall seeing tons of nice clothes, I always feel I’m short of money. 每次看到商场里头的那些漂亮衣服,我就觉得我缺钱。

B: Haha, I feel the same way! And whenever I’m in front of my closet, I always feel like the clothes I have fall short of my expectations─I feel like I dress like an old woman!

A: 我也是我也是!不如咱们今天下了班就去逛街!

B: Today….today might be a bit hard for me..

A: 嗯?你怎么这么犹犹豫豫的?What’s going on, Kat? You sound shady. Are you hiding something from me?

B: Well, let’s discuss this later! 你刚才提到了shady这个词儿,在下面的流行美语里,我们就来看看Larry和李华碰到了什么shady的情况!

Popular American

各位听众,现在播送《流行美语》。 最近李华看到朋友Kevin经常向大家要用过的吸管,觉得奇怪,便决定和Larry一起探个究竟。李华会学到两个常用语:shady 和 to stock up。

LH: Larry, Kevin 在做什么啊?

LL: Hmmm…that’s a good question.

LH: 他最近总是在收集大家不要的吸管。啊!他们家是不是破产了。所以要收集吸管,再拿去卖啊?

LL: I don’t think so, Li Hua. If they really went broke, he would just sell his Mercedes or iPhone.

LH: 说的也是。他看起来还是特有钱的。

LL: But it’s a bit shady what he’s doing. Why would someone collect straws?

LH: 你说shady 是什么意思啊?

LL: Shady means suspicious or questionable. Kevin collecting a bunch of straws is definitely suspicious.

LH: Shady 是可疑的意思。嗯, 我也这么觉得。那我们要不要问他看看?

LL: Rather than asking him, why don’t we sit back and observe him for a couple of days, and see what he’s up to.

LH: 你说要观察几天? 好啊!我们就做一回侦探!


LH: Larry! Kevin 今天没有再要吸管了耶。他好像完成了他的任务。那我们要怎么找出真相呢?

LL: He’s not collecting straws anymore? Is he doing anything else that’s shady?

LH: 你说他有没有做其他可疑的事。。。啊!有了!他最近一直到美术教室的储藏室去。会是在做什么呢?

LL: The art classroom? Maybe that’s where he stocks up all the straws! He wants to use those to create some artwork!

LH: 你说 stock up… 是储藏的意思吗?

LL: Yes. To stock up means to store. He probably already put all the straws he’s collected in the storage room, and is now trying to create an artwork.

LH: 你说他已经把收集到的吸管通通放到储藏室了,现在要用那些吸管来做美术作品?

LL: Yup. That has to be it.

LH: 不可能啦!他没有选修美术呀。我跟他上的课几乎一模一样,我很清楚的。

LL: Hmmm..really? That’s even more shady then.

LH: 但Larry, 我很好奇。为什么shady 是可疑的意思呢?跟 suspicious 这个字也没什么关系啊。

LL: A shade is a place that is dark. Usually, things that are suspicious are done in the dark. Therefore, we say someone or something is shady when that thing or person is very suspicious.

LH: 哇,原来是这样,因为shade 是指阴暗处,而做坏事的人通常都是在暗地里做事,所以很引人怀疑。

LL: That’s right.

LH: 不过 Kevin 的事还是要弄个水落石出,我实在很好奇。

LL: Let’s wait another day and see. Maybe we’ll know tomorrow!

LH: 好吧!明天见。


LH: Larry!

LL: Li Hua! You’re here so early today.

LH: 是啊。咦,你在做什么呢?Why do you look all shady?

LL: I look shady?? What are you talking about?

LH: 我刚才明明看到你和Kevin在悄悄说话,Does it have anything to do with the straws that Kevin stocked up?

LL: Ohh that?! Shhhhh. I was just talking to Kevin to see what he was up to.

LH: 你趁我不在的时候去问 Kevin?! 干嘛不叫上我一起,真不够意思。

LL: But guess what I found out?

LH: 快说说看!

LL: Here, follow me! Let’s go into the classroom where we can sit down and talk.

李华跟Larry一起走进教室, 等在教室里的很多一起喊”Happy Birthday 李华!”

LH: 啊?!天啊!Larry, 你们原来是用吸管做了这条船给我当生日礼物!我还以为….

LL: Well, we had to give you a surprise, but you realized Kevin was stocking up on straws. I had to pretend not to know.

LH: 谢谢啦! 现在终于知道 Kevin 为什么鬼鬼祟祟得在收集吸管了!

各位听众,今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语,一个是shady,ǒ可疑ō的意思;另一个是to stock up, 也就是ǒ储藏ō。这次《流行美语》播送完了,谢谢收听,下次节目再见。

A: 好了,节目听完了。现在你能告诉我你为什么不跟我一起去逛街了吧!

B: Actually, I have a date tonight.

A: You’ve got a date tonight?!!! Congrats! Why don’t you tell me in the first place!?

B: Well I don’t know where this is going, so I want to keep it a secret for now. 厄。。别摆臭脸了。。。

A: 我以为你会第一个告诉我呢!

B: I’m sorry, 杨琳!

A: 别理我,我生气呢!

B:What about a nice strawberry banana shake?

A: 哈哈哈, I will think about it! 不过现在,咱们先来看看这个“摆臭脸”用美语怎么说!

How to say it in American English: mean mug


XB: Jessica, 今天我可是太丢人了!

Jessica: What happened?

XB: 我在图书馆里戴着耳机听电脑里的音乐,结果发现大家都在皱着眉头看我,最后图书管理员过来说,请你把音乐关掉! 原来我的耳机没插牢,音乐声都跑出来了!

Jessica: Oh! That’s why people were mean mugging you!

XB: 啊?什么意思?

Jessica: To mean mug someone means to give someone an angry look.

XB: 啊,mean mug someone就是冲某人摆臭脸. I was wondering why everyone in the library was mean mugging me!

Jessica: You can also use the phrase “to give someone an evil eye.” It also means to glare at someone with a lot of anger and hatred.

XB: I see. Give someone an evil eye就是恨恨地瞪着别人。那天我在银行, someone cut in line. Oh, you should have seen the evil eye everybody gave him!

Jessica: 在银行插队被人瞪?活该!

XB: I agree! 对了,话说今天我学习了一天,发觉我的电脑实在太慢了,我打算跟我爸张口,让他送我一台新的!

Jessica: Didn’t your Dad just pay for your trip to Hong Kong?

XB:呵呵,那是没错啦! 不过,我爸特宠我,只要我对他撒撒娇,装装可怜,他什么都答应我!

Jessica: Haha! Daddy’s little girl likes to use the puppy-dog eyes trick!

XB: Puppy-dog eyes? 小狗的眼睛?

Jessica: 对啊。When you give someone those puppy-dog eyes, you enlarge your eyes over dramatically with a sad face to get whatever you desire.

XB: 哦! 就是睁大眼睛,像小狗一样卖萌装可怜! Hey, my little nephew gives me those puppy-dog eyes every time he wants to play with my iPad!

Jessica: Did you give it to him?

XB: 我才不吃这一套!

Jessicaf: So what did he do?

XB: 那还用问,he starts mean mugging me!

XB: 今天我们学了,摆臭脸是mean mug someone; 恨恨瞪别人是give someone an evil eye; 睁大眼睛卖萌装可怜是give someone those puppy-dog eyes.

A: 不过说到这个mean mug, 我昨天听我一个朋友说,some bosses will mean mug their employees in order to test if they can handle high-pressure jobs, 太可怕了!

B: Actually, sometimes they start mean mugging right from the first interview. They will pretend to be harsh and see how the interviewee reacts.

A:要说找工作可真不容易!在今天的美语三级跳里,懒惰的Toby要继续去找工作! 我们来看看他又遇到了什么困难。

B: Let’s listen!

Job Application Dialogue: Intermediate



Professor: Today Toby has brought his resum?to give to Erin. Do you think she will help him get a job at her company?


Toby: Hey Erin, it’s great to see you again. How is your new job?

Erin: Hi Toby, it’s really great. The work is really interesting, the salary is good, and the company has great benefits.

Toby: Wow! You know, I would really love to work at such a great company.

Erin: Well, I guess you can apply online if we have any positions open.

Toby: Actually, I was hoping you could recommend me directly. Here is my resum?

Toby 真狡猾!他假装问候Erin,但实际上是让Erin帮忙找工作! 不过,Professor, “benefits”是什么意思呢?

Professor: Benefits are all the things that a company gives its employees beside money. For example, companies may offer benefits like health insurance and vacation time.

哦,benefits 就是福利。Erin让Toby上网看看,公司有没有positions, 是空闲职位的意思么?

Professor: Exactly. For example, if you want to apply to a company, you could call and ask, ǒAre there any positions open right now?

Erin: Oh, you brought me your resume? Well Toby, I remember that you had a very ……how should I say ……. relaxed attitude toward work at the book store.

Toby: No way! I was a model worker! Maybe you just didn’t notice.

Erin: Yes, because I was too busy helping customers.

Toby: Oh please, Erin. Isn’t there any way you could help me with this? I really need a job.

Erin: Hmm …. well let me look at your resum?

看来,Erin知道Toby上班时的差劲表现。不过她说得很委婉,说Toby的工作态度很relaxed, 就是轻松,懈怠。

Professor: Yes, she doesn’t seem very excited about hiring Toby. But what does Toby say?

Toby居然自称是model worker 模范雇员!

Erin: Alright Toby, your resume?says you have great computer skills. Is that true?

Toby: Of course! I have extensive experience surfing the Internet.

Erin: I see. But I’m not sure that is a real qualification.

Toby: Oh really? Well I have other important skills. For example, I’m really good at multi-tasking.

Erin: That’s true. You’re really good at surfing the Internet and eating your lunch at the same time.

Professor: So Winnie, what is the first skill that Toby says he has?

他说,他有上网冲浪的extensive experience—丰富经验,不过Erin说,这算不上是真正的 qualification–胜任工作的本事。本来么,会上网的人太多了!

Professor: That’s right. When you apply for a job a company will often ask you about your qualifications, and you might tell them that you are very qualified for the position.

哦。不过Professor Bowman,什么是multi-tasking?

Professor: Multi-tasking is doing more than one job at once. For example, if you can work on the computer while you are talking on the phone, you can say you are multi-tasking.


Toby: Oh come on, Erin. I would really appreciate it if you could do this for me.

Erin: Hmm …. alright Toby. I’ll give your resume?to our human resources department. If they want to hire you, it’s their decision.

Toby: Thanks Erin, I really appreciate your help.

Erin: No problem. In fact, I will recommend you for a very important job.

Toby: Really, what’s that?

Erin: My secretary. You can use your multi-tasking skills to do all my work while I surf the Internet.

Wow,看来Erin想收拾收拾Toby! 她说会把Toby的简历给人力资源部,但是推荐他做自己的秘书!

Professor: That’s right. And what will Toby have to do as Erin’s secretary?

她说,Toby当了自己的秘书后,要把自己的活儿都包下来! 这可真聪明!

A: 找到了工作之后也不容易,这不,下面的礼节美语里,就谈到了给客服打电话解决一个货单上的纠纷。咱们赶快来听听看!

礼节美语 – Calling Customer Service I

Bob给一家软件公司客户服务热线打电话,接电话的是 Gloria. 大家注意听客户服务一上来该怎样说。

Gloria: Good afternoon and thank you for calling GlobalCom’s customer hotline. My name is Gloria…how can I be of assistance?

Bob: Hi Gloria. My name is Bob Johnson and I’m calling from New York. My company ordered six packs of Pro 7 design software from your firm, but it has now been a week past the date the items were expected to arrive!

G: Okay sir…do you have the tracking number we sent you by e-mail when you first made the order?

B: Yes I do, and I also have the order number. The tracking number is S-317 and the original order number was 81635K.

Gloria 接起电话先自我介绍,然后问 How can I be of assistance? 有什么可以为您效劳的。原来是Bob的公司订购了一批软件本来应该一个星期以前到,但是到现在还不见踪影。Gloria向Bob索取订货时收到的tracking number跟单号码。Bob把订货号码order number和跟单号码都告诉了Gloria.

G: Okay, please wait one second while I try to find your order. Alright, I found your order number. Let me confirm the items with you here again: your order was for six packs of Pro 7 design software, correct?

B: Yes, that’s correct.

G: Well, it says here that the order was canceled. The items were scheduled to be shipped, but for some reason, a last-minute notation indicates the customer asked to cancel.

B: Well, I’m the customer and I certainly didn’t ask to cancel. These software packets are very important to our company. We were scheduled to begin operations of a new design department, but because the items haven’t arrived, I’ve got 10 designers sitting around with nothing to do!

Gloria查询后发现,The order was canceled. 订货取消了。Bob表示不可能,他向Gloria抱怨说,公司新的设计部就等着这批软件开工,如今可好,软件没按时到,害得十个设计师干待着没事干。Gloria 说:

G: I apologize for the mix-up, sir. Would you like me to reschedule a shipping date?

B: Yes, but I think there really should be some form of compensation for this error. I was reading the fine print in your customer contract and it says that if items don’t arrive within the scheduled time compensation will be paid.

G: Yes, normally that would be the case, but because the items were canceled we can’t be held liable.

B: I don’t mean to sound rude, Gloria, but the order was not canceled. Can you produce any evidence to indicate that we sent a message asking for a cancellation?

Gloria对订单出了误会表示抱歉,在这里,mix-up 是误会,混乱的意思。Bob觉得,订购的软件没按时到,商家应该赔偿,这在the fine print in the customer contract 购货合同上写得明明白白。Gloria辩解说,一般情况下是这样,Normally that would be the case. 但是订单被取消,就不是他们的责任了,We can’t be held liable. be held liable 是被要求负责的意思。Bob据理力争,让Gloria拿出证据来,证明订单确实是Bob所在公司要求取消的。Gloria 能拿得出来证据吗?我们下次继续听。

B: Well, this really is a difficult situation. But I think the company should provide some evidence that the order was canceled. Let’s keep listening and find out what happens!

礼节美语—BE-236 Calling Customer Service II

MC: Bob向一家软件公司订购的软件没按时到,Bob要求赔偿,但是对方热线客服Gloria却坚持说是Bob一方取消了订单。Bob生气地说:

B: Look…if you review our file you’ll find that we are long-term loyal customers who have bought a significant amount of software from your company. Are you really telling me that you’re just going to ignore a major mistake? I don’t think your attitude is very professional.

G: I’m sorry, sir…but I am not authorized to offer any compensation at this time.

B: Then who would be authorized to do so?

G: You would have to speak with my supervisor.

B: Okay then, is your supervisor currently available?

Bob所在公司是GlobalCom的老客户了,这次订单出现差错,Bob觉得客户服务Gloria的态度很不专业 not very professional. Gloria表示道歉,告诉Bob说,她无权向客户承诺任何补偿,I’m not authorized to offer any compensation at this time. not authorized to do something 意思是没有权力做某事。Bob要求跟Gloria的上司说话,

G: I believe he is…please hold

J: Hello, this is supervisor JIM Bradley. Gloria told me your items did not arrive on time. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

B: I appreciate your apology, but because we did not cancel the order I believe I’m within my rights to ask for some sort of compensation.

J: Let me look over your file one more time…do you mind holding again?

B: No, that’s fine.

Gloria的上司JIM初步了解情况后,对订货没有按时抵达给Bob公司造成的不便感到抱歉,We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Bob 解释说,订单不是他们取消的,做为客户,他们有权得到某种形式的赔偿。It’s within our rights to do something… 意思是我们有权做某事。JIM听了以后,让Bob在电话上稍候,等她仔细查查是怎么回事。

J: Mr. Johnson, I believe I know what the problems is. It seems one of our staff confused your order with another client’s canceled order. We deeply regret this error and I will have your items shipped out to you today by express mail at no added charge to you. You should receive your software within 24 hours.

B: Well, thank you. I appreciate your prompt service.

J: Also in accordance with our compensation policy, we will only charge you for half of the original order. I hope these measures are satisfactory.

B: Yes, absolutely. Thank you very much Ms. Bradley. you’ve been very helpful.

J: You’re very welcome, and I hope you’ll continue working with GlobalCom.

B: We definitely will. Thank you again.

J: Not at all. Goodbye, Mr. Johnson.

MC: 查询结果证明,确实是JIM公司员工的失误造成订单被取消,Bob的公司没有责任。做为补救,JIM表示,第一,马上把Bob订购的软件用特快转递寄出,by express mail,不收取任何额外费用 at no added cost. 保证货物24小时内送达,第二,根据公司的赔偿政策,这次订单费用只收取百分之五十。Bob对这种解决方式感到非常满意。

A: Hmm, 这个解决方式不错!不但明天就能收到订购的软件,而且还只花了一半的钱呢!

B: Yep, this is a great solution!!

A: 好了, 这次节目时间就到这里。这次的剪辑是小北,编辑是蔚然。

B: 同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!


美语训练班  第050课

A: 大家好! 欢迎来到这期的American English Mosaic! 我是杨琳!

B: 我是Kat! 杨琳,今天咱们学什么呢?

A: 今天,咱们要接着跟 Toby找工作,去听听如何跟同事表白,学学怎么安慰别人,还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“无语”和“扫货”。

B: 扫货! That’s one of my favorites!

A: Me too!! 不过这个咱们等会再说,先赶快来进入第一个单元,Learn a Word!

Learn A Word whopping

今天我们要学的词是whopping. Whopping is spelled w-h-o-p-p-i-n-g, whopping. Whopping的意思是巨大的,程度惊人的。美国股市爆出好消息:道琼斯工业指数今年一季度创下1998年以来最佳同比表现,同时 The Nasdaq rose a whopping 19% since New Year’s Day. 纳斯达克指数从一月一号到现在已经实现了百分之19的巨大增长。Android game App Temple Run gets a whopping 1 million downloads in three days. 安卓版游戏应用程序“神庙逃亡”推出三天来下载量惊人,达到一百万。Many US airlines charge a whopping $150 fee for changing tickets for domestic flights. 许多美国航空公司对国内航 班都收取150美元的高额机票改期费。好,今天我们学习的词是whopping, whopping, whopping.

A: 前一段时间美国人人都在谈论Mega millions, 在我们附近就有三个学校工作人员中奖了! They each won a whopping 35 million dollars after taxes! 每个人赢了3千五百万!

B: That IS a lot of money. I remember how everybody was talking about what they would do if they won that much money! I’d buy a MASSIVE boat!

A: hmmm, 要是我中奖了,我就先环游世界,然后再去商场扫货,把我喜欢的好看衣服全买下来! 哈哈!

B: Haha, you are the shopping queen! 不过你刚才提到的扫货, 在美语里也有类似的说法,我们一起来听一听!

How to say it in American English

Jessica 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是吴琼要问的:扫货。

Jessica: Wuqiong, 明天我们去吃火锅好不好?

WQ: 火锅儿?好吃! 可…我没钱.

Jessica: No money? You told me you got a scholarship!

WQ: 奖学金是拿了,可我一高兴就拿去扫货啦!

Jessica: 扫货?

WQ: 就是 buy a lot of things!

Jessica: Oh! You went on a shopping spree!

WQ: shopping spree?

Jessica: Right! Spree is spelt s-p-r-e-e. Going on a shopping spree means you spend a lot of money during a single shopping trip. 头脑发热,看什么都买。

WQ: 对! I went on a shopping spree after getting my scholarship money! 我那天疯狂扫货,一分钱都没留下!

Jessica: But do you really need all the things you bought on the shopping spree?

WQ: 说实话,好多东西都用不着,可我当时就是那么烧包!烧包你懂么?就是看着手里的钱难受,非把它花出去!

Jessica: Haha! Actually, in English, we have a similar expression–your money was burning a hole in your pocket.

WQ: My money was burning a hole in my pocket? 钱把衣服兜烧了个窟窿?这的确跟“烧包”很像!

Jessica: Wuqiong, next time your money is burning a hole in your pocket, take me with you! I’ll make sure we only go window shopping!

WQ: Window shopping? 买窗户?

Jessica: (Chuckle) No. Window shopping means we only look at the window displays, without really buying anything!

WQ: 哦,就是光看不买! 这个好,省钱!

Jessica: 对! Now tell me what you’ve learned today!

WQ: 第一,扫货叫go on a shopping spree;

第二,烧包叫money is burning a hole in one’s pocket;

第三,光看不买是window shopping!

这次的”美语怎么说”就到这里了。如果你也有不会说的词,请写信给 Jessica, 电邮请寄meiyu@voanews.com

A: 所以说嘛, if I ever won the lottery, I could stop window shopping and go on a real shopping spree!

B: You know what, I remember seeing something about this. There was an interview with this guy who won the lottery and he said he wished he had never won it! 有钱了以后,好多人来跟他借钱,弄得亲情友情都变了味!

A: 这倒也是! 不过就算没有朋友和亲人,你还是可以买个豪宅,置办个游艇什么的嘛!

B: Well, if you have all the nice things in the world but nobody to share them with, I would say those things are just cold comforts. 赶快来听听下面的Words and Idioms 你就明白了!

Words and Idioms

女:各位听众,现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 961讲。我是杨琳。

M:我是 Steve Baragona.


M: Cold comfort. Cold is spelled c-o-l-d, and comfort; c-o-m-f-o-r-t. Cold-comfort.

女:大家都知道,Cold 是冷的意思,comfort是安慰,连起来,cold comfort, 意思是“不起作用的安慰”。就像上面的例子里,一位失去双腿的士兵当然很高兴大家记得他为国家做出的牺牲,但是He may also felt it was COLD COMFORT since he could no longer walk. 毕竟他再也不能走路了,别人的喝彩可能只是“不起作用的安慰”。在下面例子里,一名员工谈到了大家是怎样认同他的工作成绩的,我们来听一听:

M: “Two weeks ago, I got the news that my factory would be relocating overseas. As I sat at home wondering what I was going to do for work, I glanced up. There on the wall was the award I had received for “Employee of the Year.” It seems COLD COMFORT for what I have to deal with now.”


女:真是的!饭碗都要丢了,看到曾经得的奖状恐怕只是徒增烦恼。我想起上次我朋友的女儿在数学竞赛里得了第二名,虽然评委不停说她也很出色,可是她看起来还是十分沮丧。To her, it was COLD COMFORT. 对她来说,这一点也无法让她高兴起来。好了,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: “Two weeks ago, I got the news that my factory would be relocating overseas. As I sat at home wondering what I was going to do for work, I glanced up. There on the wall was the award I had received for “Employee of the Year.” It seems COLD COMFORT for what I have to deal with now.”

女: 上面我们讲了cold comfort 不起作用的安慰。下面的例子里,历史学家要告诉我们一场惨剧的一些不为人知的细节。我们一起来听一下:

M: “In 1963, members of an African-American church in Alabama were attending Sunday church services. Suddenly, a bomb exploded, killing four young girls. The tragedy shocked the nation. And it helped create new laws to end discrimination. For the parents who lost their children, though, that was COLD COMFORT.”


女: 真是太可怜了。我无法想像失去孩子,将要如何去面对。说到非洲裔美国人,我想大家最熟悉的就是Martin Luther King 马丁.路德.金了。华盛顿刚刚建成马丁.路德.金的雕像,奥巴马总统也到场祝贺。奥巴马当选本身,就证明了美国在民权上的长足进步。好的,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: “In 1963, members of an African-American church in Alabama were attending Sunday church services. Suddenly, a bomb exploded, killing four young girls. The tragedy shocked the nation. And it helped create new laws to end discrimination. For the parents who lost their children, though, that was COLD COMFORT.”

女:各位听众,今天我们学习的习惯用语是COLD COMFORT,意思是“不起作用的安慰”。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是 Steve Baragona。谢谢各位的收听。

A: 我也来造个句,美国每年4月15号是交税截止期. I have to pay a huge amount in taxes, so my boyfriend took me out for dinner last night! But still, compared to what I had to pay, that free dinner was a cold comfort.

B: 哈哈, I feel you, 杨琳! But think of it this way, you are paying taxes because you have a job. 想想那些没工作的人吧! 是不是觉得自己幸福多啦?

A: 嗯,这么一说我就舒服多了! 说起找工作,今天的美语三级跳里面,懒惰的Toby 竟然得到了面试的机会! 咱们赶快来听一听!


Job Application: Advanced


Professor: Toby has applied for a job at a company, and today he has his first interview with Jack, the head of human resources.

Toby 在简历上把自己吹得神乎其神,今天可有好戏看啦!

Professor: So let’s see if Toby’s “people skills” can get him a job he might not be qualified for.

Jack: Hi Toby, my name is Jack Wilson, and I’m the head of human resources here.

Toby: Hello Mr. Wilson, thanks for taking the time to see me.

Jack: Sure. I see on your resum□that you’ve done a lot with computers, sales and customer service. Can you tell me a little bit about your experience?

Toby: Of course. As it says on my resum□ my main experience is working in retail sales at a book store.

Jack: What were the day-to-day responsibilities for this job?

Toby: I did a lot of market research. Since we sold a lot of newspapers and magazines, I spent a lot of time reading news stories online.

这个Toby,真能胡扯!他上班的时候明明在网上瞎逛,却说这是market research–市场研究!

Professor: Well what do you expect? In a tough job market you have to exaggerate your skills a little bit. The most important thing is not to sell yourself short.


Jack: Do you have any experience in customer service?

Toby: Of course. I’m very goal oriented, so whenever a customer asked me for something, it was my goal to help him find it so I could go back to surfing the Internet.

Jack: You mean your “market research”?

Toby: Oh right…. of course I meant my market research.

Jack: I see. And do you work well as part of a team?

Toby: Oh yes! I’m really a team player. It’s important for all the members of the team to pull their weight.

“Goal oriented”指做事有明确目标,可Toby的目标就是能上班偷懒! 他还说自己是team player–有团队精神,说团队里的每个人都应该pull their weight–作好自己那份工作,其实,他根本就不干活,把工作都推给别人了!

Professor: Exactly. Now in the next section, listen for the phrase “think outside the box,” which means “to think about problems in a new or unique way.”

Jack: We need all our employees to be pro-active. How would you describe your work ethic?

Toby: I have a really good work ethic. But in addition to that, I pride myself on always thinking outside the box.

Jack: Can you give me an example of how you have come up with a new solution to a problem?

Toby: Umm … you know, I can’t think of one at the moment. But trust me, whenever there is a problem I can always think on my feet and come up with a solution.

哈哈,露馅儿了吧! Toby夸口说,自己善于 think outside the box–想出别出心裁的点子,可是人家让他举例的时候,他就没词儿了!

Professor: That’s right. When you go to an interview you should be ready to give examples of your accomplishments, not just talk generally about your work ethic or creativeness.

不过,professor Bowman, 什么是“thinking on your feet?”

Professor: Thinking on your feet is quickly thinking of solutions to unexpected problems. For example, a politician needs to think on his feet during a debate in order to respond to attacks from his opponent.


Jack: Well Toby, I appreciate you coming in. Right now we have to interview a few more applicants, so we will get back to you when we make a decision.

Toby: Thanks for your time. Can you tell me when you would want me to start if I’m selected?

Jack: Frankly, Toby, I wouldn’t worry about that too much.

Ouch! Toby 问人家自己什么时候开始上班,人家却说,这个问题您就不用管了! 看来,这份工作肯定没戏了!

Professor: It sounds like Toby might be working at the campus book store for a while longer.

A: Toby在面试的时候,把自己上网瞎逛说成market research, 还强调自己非常goal-oriented, 目标明确,是个team player, 有团队精神,而且can think outside the box, 拥有创造性思维。

B: But it sounds like the interviewer totally saw through Toby’s exaggerations.

A: 对啊! 要是Toby这样的人能得到好工作,那我可真无语了!

B: That’s true! 你刚才说到无语,咱们来看看这个词儿用美语怎么说!

How to say it in American English


Jessica; Xiaobei! You look upset. What happened?

Yiru: 别提了!我有个朋友欠钱不还,拖了好长时间了,每次都找各种理由搪塞我!气死我了,以前我还和她理论,现在我简直是简直是无语了我!

Jessica: I see. You’re so tired of your friend’s excuses that you are speechless.

XB: Speechless? 原来这就是无语的意思。

Jessica: Yes. For example, you can say “she was speechless after learning her boyfriend was dating another woman.”

XB: 哦,知道男友跟别的女生交往后,她气得说不出话来。

Jessica: Exactly. Basically, you can use “speechless” to mean something so bad or so surprising that you don’t know what to say.

XB: I see. 跟你说,我认识一个女生,她特别虚伪,总是假惺惺地称赞别人,转过头来就说人坏话。Every time I see her being so fake, I’m speechless!

Jessica: I bet you also roll your eyes!

XB: Roll my eyes?

Jessica: If you roll your eyes, you’re showing that you don’t believe someone or you aren’t interested in what they’re saying.

XB: 哦,就是因为不相信或者不耐烦而翻白眼。这个说法真形象! 就在今天早上,I got an email saying I was selected to win 5 million dollars. It also asked for my bank account.

Jessica: That’s fishy! It must be a scam!

XB: 我当然知道这是诈骗邮件了!I rolled my eyes when I read it! 不过你说,要是我哪天我真中了500万

Jessica: That would blow me away! Meaning I’d be really amazed!

XB: 哦,to blow someone away就是使人大吃一惊,不过,这应该是用在形容什么好事儿的时候吧?

Jessica: Exactly. For example, My new computer ran so fast it blew me away!

XB: Or Jessica has so much cash hidden under her bed it blows me away!

Jessica: What? Me? Cash? Now I’m rolling my eyes, xiaobei!

XB: 我来总结一下今天学的词:因为厌恶或者吃惊而无语,用speechless; 因为不耐烦或不相信而翻白眼是roll one’s eyes; 某些好事让人大吃一惊用blow someone away.

B: I heard something this morning that totally blew me away…

A: What? What happened?

B: Remember Bob and Amanda in my office? They are GETTING MARRIED!

A: 什么? 我记得一年前,Bob 还在发愁怎么跟Amanda 讲话呢! 真为他们高兴!

B: Absolutely! Congrats Bob and Amanda! And to celebrate, let’s discuss a similar topic for today’s business etiquette: having a crash on your co-worker!

Business Etiquette

King 跟同事 Dan 聊天,发现 Dan 心不在焉。King 说,

King: The trip was pretty good except for the flat tire we got on the way home. I was going to change it myself but then…hey Dan, are you even listening to me? Dan?

Dan: Oh sorry, I spaced out there for a second.

K: Who were you looking at? Wait a second…you were looking at Julie!

D: All right, I confess! I’m busted. I have a big crush on Julie.

K: That’s wonderful! Julie is a great woman, and you’re a great guy! So have you asked her out yet?

D: No. I’m not really sure it’s appropriate.

King正在给Dan讲自己最近的一次旅行,他们回家路上车胎爆了。We got a flat tire. 正说得高兴,King发现Dan根本没在听自己说话。Dan很不好意思,承认 I spaced out for a second. 我走神了。space out 是走神的意思,形容心不在焉,走神,还可以用 daydream, 所以刚才那句话也可以说 I was daydreaming for a second. King发现,Dan走神是在看女同事 Julie。 Dan只好承认说,I’m busted. I have a big crush on Julie. I’m busted. 意思是我被抓住了,被发现了,暴露了。他说自己确实在偷偷喜欢Julie,但又不敢 ask her out 约她出去,不知道这样做是否合适 appropriate。King 说,

K: I think lots of people meet their “significant other” in the workplace. It’s not like she’s your boss…go ask her out!

D: I don’t know…what if she says ‘no?’

K: Have you ever heard the old expression: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained?” What if she says ‘yes?’

D: I’ve always had a really hard time approaching women. I get tongue-tied and start sweating. I don’t want to come across as too aggressive, but I also don’t want to appear too passive…It’s really hard to get it right!

King说,很多人都是在工作场所遇到自己另一半的,significant other 是伴侣的意思,也可以说是自己的 better half. Dan 害怕被拒绝。King 告诉他说:Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 不去冒险尝试,就绝不会有收获。Dan 说自己在追女人方面特别不在行,I get tongue-tied and start sweating. 我说话会结结巴巴,直冒冷汗。Dan 还说,既不想显得太主动,也不想显得太被动,It’s really hard to get it right. 很难把握好分寸。King 劝他说:

K: If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life it’s that you never lose by trying. You never know unless you try! Getting rejected isn’t the end the world!

D: But how do I make the initial approach? Should I try to come up with some clever or witty remarks?

K: There are a lot of guys out there who think they’re Casanova, but in my experience, women don’t go for cheesy pickup lines. I suggest being sweet, straightforward and sincere.

D: So what should I say?

King说,最糟糕也不过是被拒绝。Getting rejected isn’t the end the world! 被拒绝也并非世界末日,没什么大不了的。Dan问,要不要come up with some clever or witty remark 想出一些俏皮话,King告诉他,约女人出去,直截了当些就好,很多男人都以为自己是 Casanova, 卡萨诺瓦是十八世纪的一个意大利探险家和作家,也是一个风流倜傥的情圣,在英语里是大众情人的代名词。King 还说,其实,women don’t go for cheesy pickup lines. cheesy is spelled c-h-e-e-s-y, cheesy 意思是俗气的,肉麻的;pick up lines 是指男人跟女人搭讪时说的俏皮话。Dan会鼓起勇气约 Julie 出去吗?我们下次继续听。

A: 我喜欢这个3S策略: sweet, straightforward and sincere! I hope a sweet, straightforward and sincere man would come and ask me out today!

B: 哈哈,你完了,我要去告诉你的男朋友…

A: oops…善解人意的Kat, 等会我们来讨论一下封口费的问题吧…

B: Hush money? 可以呀! 好了, 这次节目时间就到这里。Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!